Ostara between lake and mountain


Ostara is the spring equinox and the time of year when male and female forces are in perfect balance. In ancient times it was a holiday associated with goddesses like Estia, in Greece, and Vesta, in the Roman empire.
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Alban Eiler

Alban Eiler

The word equinox derives from the Latin “equus nox” or “equal night” as it’s the time of year when day and night are in perfect balance. Hence the definition Alban Eiler which stands for “Light of the Earth”.
The myth of the Easter bunny was born from the story of the Goddess Eostre (which gives its name to this holiday) who transformed a bird into a bunny to make it survive the winter thanks to the fur. However, although rabbit, the animal continued to lay eggs as if it were a bird. Hence the tradition of colored Easter eggs.
However, the egg isn’t a random symbol because represents life, fertility and creation. Alban Eiler is therefore the moment when the seed returns to life, where nature is reborn.

Ostara’s activities

Ostara is the ideal time to reflect on our energy balance. Meditate on the future and clean up the past.
Those who subscribed to the newsletter had the opportunity to access a ritual dedicated to the energies of this month and if you sign up you will always find it available in a secret section reserved for members.
Since it’s the festival of nature, it’s certainly recommended to devote yourself to it by resuming leaving the house, after the winter hibernation, and reconnecting with your energies. I decided to do it by including all the elements: from the water of the lake to the fire of the sun. From the land of the mountains to the uncontaminated air of an adventure between sky and emotion.

Happy Ostara!

My adventure begins in Arona, on Lake Maggiore. In a long journey of about 9 hours I will sail the waters of the lake, travel through the mountains of the Vigezzo Valley and upon reaching Domodossola I will take on the beauty of the countryside until I return to my starting point: Arona.
A circular tour that allows you to live an out of the ordinary experience, a journey to rediscover yourself and those beauties that are taken for granted and that instead in their integrity and purity must be preserved and loved.


Useful Information

Lago Maggiore Express Prices are:
(one day) $ 37.00
(two days) $ 47.00
+ $ 16.00 (if you want to have lunch on board)
I recommend lunch on board, although it’s referred to as a tourist menu and the dishes are simple, you eat well and then you can appreciate it while you surf.
It’s possible to use means of transport other than those indicated on the ticket.
Example: in the program that we had been shown the first departure of the Centovalli train was at 3.50 PM, but we took the one that left an hour earlier. We also did the same in Domodossola. It was indicated to take a Trenitalia train, while we took a Trenord train. In any case, to avoid problems of any kind, always ask the conductor for confirmation, showing the ticket and asking if it’s possible to go up anyway.
On the Centovalli train you can hear a voice declaring that a surcharge of $ 1.60 per person must be paid, but if you have the Lake Maggiore Express ticket you don’t pay.
Website: http://www.lagomaggioreexpress.it

Info Point

Sweet dreams: Al Vecchio Mulino it’s a simple accommodation overlooking the Novarese countryside but becoming an ideal point for the lakes (Maggiore and Orta) which can be reached in 15 minutes and an hour’s drive from Malpensa airport as well as from Milan. It offers all the essential services but not television and wi-fi. ($ 81 per night).
Book here and get $ 37 off.

The following article refers to a journey made before to the Coronavirus emergency. It aims to be for information purposes only for the future. #istayathome

26 thoughts on “Ostara between lake and mountain

  1. Reading this thrilled my soul. There’s something so primitive, yet so fulfilling about being with nature at such an important time of the year. This journey looks simply amazing.

  2. Wonderful to read about Goddess Eostre and Ostara. I am fascinated by the stories of goddesses from across the world, so I am very happy to come across your post. In India we believe in so many gods and goddesses.

  3. I too am truly enjoying your posts and I have learned many things while visiting. Ostara sounds amazing and is something that I had not heard of until now. I also read a post of yours about the Worm Moon and I had never heard of it until right afterward when we were actually having one so thank you for informing me and I will be back for more 🙂

  4. I love your article! It is both educational and very informative! I love the first part the most. I’ve always enjoyed mythology.

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