Oramala And Its Mysteries

Oramala a mysterious name born from the union of two words such as “Aura” (wind) and Mala (evil). A bad wind that blows in the rocky promontory overlooking the Staffora in the municipality of Val di Nizza. Here stands the homonymous Castle of the Malaspina Family.
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The history of the lonely Castle

The Oramala Village, today considered one of the most beautiful in Italy, was the delightful castle of the Malaspina Family. This fortification is considered one of the few medieval remnants (without transformations of subsequent eras) that can be visited.
The Malaspina family had it built in the 11th century. Before returning to them, more precisely to Obizzo I in 1164 thanks to Federico Barbarossa, belonged to the Bishop of Tortona and subsequently to the Marquis d’Este.
The castle began its slow decline at the end of the eighteenth century when it was abandoned by the Marquis Oramala. In the 1985 the current owners, the Panigazzi brothers, purchased it and began the renovation.
Currently the castle is managed by the Spino Fiorito Cultural Association which allows guided tours inside with passion and dedication.

Its distinguished guests

The Castle, located on a spur of rock 700 meters high, had an important defensive function as well as commercial. This is due to the historic Via del Sale which passed through it adjacent and allowed the collection of taxes.
But also literature and culture have reached this solitary castle. Both for the numerous Provencal troubadours who found hospitality here, as well as an illustrious character such as Dante Alighieri.
“L’uno a Virgilio e l’altro a un si volse
che sedea lì, gridando: “Sù, Currado!
vieni a veder che Dio per grazia volse”
Quote one of the tercets of the 8th canto of the “Divina Commedia” where Dante, in Purgatory, meets Corrado Marquis Malaspina. It’s precisely this reference that leads one to think about the malevolent nature of the family.

Info Point

The castle can be visited by reservation through the Spino Fiorito Cultural Association.
The road to get to the castle is a highway, but it’s very winding. It’s not recommended for new drivers or beginners.
Price: € 5,70 €

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  1. Such an intriguing historical place to visit. When I visit Italy again I surely visited this historic place.

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    I love visiting places like this that draw you in, and gets you interested in the story 🙂

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