Oliveda, the beauty of the olive tree

The history of Oliveda

Oliveda, when beauty comes from the olive tree. Without preservatives and parabens all the products of this brand have within them 100% active ingredients with 0% water, replacing in its place an elixir of olive leaves with polyphenols/antioxidants so powerful that they help olive trees live up to 4000 years.
All the mountain olive trees used by the brand are planted in one of the many protected reserves in the Junta de Andalusia, in Spain, where pesticides and artificial fertilizers have not been used for centuries. The yield of olive trees is low, but the quality of the cosmetic lines created is very high.
Among other things it is possible to connect with the ancient knowledge and balance of these trees through the Big Olive App. In the same it is possible to hear the sound of these secular plants as their vibrations are converted into sound with a special technical process and use this “natural music” to relax, meditate, reduce stress, combine sleep, promote creativity, harmonize the living space, purify the atmosphere, etc…
The brand works hard for a cosmetic line as natural as it is effective with an eye to the environment, but also to the social. This is how he makes his success help others, such as the project launched in Senegal in 2013 which has already led to the construction of 2 wells and continues to work to contribute significantly to improving society.
Oliveda is a declaration of love towards the most sacred tree on earth: the olive tree. Towards the most wonderful fruit: the olive. Towards the most blessed oil: olive oil. A tribute to the symbol par excellence of resistance to the tests of time and dispenser of life, love and culture.



F06 Cell Active Serum Face55,00 $
This serum strengthens, repairs and regenerates stressed and dehydrated skin with a high anti-aging power.
Its consistency is particularly gelatinous and very few drops are enough for an effective result and a glowing skin. Quick drying.
Rating 4.5/5

Eye cream

F09 Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream43,50 $
This eye contour cream contains a combination of ingredient that lifts the crow’s feet and reduces swelling under the eyes. Perfect for sensitive eyes and for those who wear contact lenses. It is a very delicate cream that I found effective to put in the evening to give it all the time to absorb and so in the morning to be able to show off a watchful and awake look.
Rating 4/5

Face cream

F07 Anti Aging Face Cream43,50 $
This anti-aging and firming face cream that stimulates the cells and prolongs their duration, improving skin elasticity. Deeply moisturizes the skin making it more silky. Easy to absorb, perfect to use before make-up for a more radiant and uniform face. Little product for maximum yield.
Rating 5/5

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26 thoughts on “Oliveda, the beauty of the olive tree

  1. I even didn’t realise that such an app exists, which is a great solution for such a busy person like me. I’d need a good face cream to get some extra protection. 🙂

  2. I love olive oil based products in general. They work so well on my skin and nails too. Thanks for the recommendation of Olivedo!

  3. the natural products are really beneficial for skin. these products gives the natural glow and freshness. and make the skin hydrate.

  4. These products are new to me, but they sound really lovely. I have used others that utilized olive oil and enjoyed them a lot.

  5. Olive oil is such a great product, so beneficial even if just used on its own on the skin. This range of products sounds great, but it’s over my budget.

  6. Never heard about the app before – thank you for the tip! Your post made me want to go out and do some cosmetic shopping too:D

  7. I’ve tried skincare that uses aloe instead of water, but never olive oil. Sounds so interesting and beneficial for those with dry skin, especially. I like that both products are also great for sensitive skin as well.

  8. So many great products here! Oliveda sounds like a beautiful one to look into. My grandmother used to put olive oil on her skin at night and she had such a beautiful complexion. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This sounds like a great company! I love that they are giving back and working with Senegal to provide wells! I love the simplicity of their packaging too!

  10. This company sounds wonderful with it’s environmental and social concerns in addition to the products, which you described very well. That app seems to be something worth looking into as well.

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