New Year’s Resolutions – 2020

In 31 years of life I can say with certainty that never once have I made the resolutions for the new year. A simple and banal custom that is not uncommon to make at the end of the year to start the new one with a new push and a new security.
Just as if I had an epiphany, considering what day it is today I have to say it, this year I changed the cards and decided to test myself or at least find out how much and how to write my list of resolutions for the new year.

Wheel of Life

A good way to write proposals that can be specific, measurable, relevant and accessible is that they are compartmentalized in specific sectors.
It’s in this that the Wheel of Life comes to the aid, a scheme in which each person can give a vote, from 1 to 10, to each specific sector and ask ourselves: what can I do to be more satisfied? What goals do I want to achieve?

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personal growth

Personal growth

My primary purpose starts from the desire and the need to find a balance between my personal and the social part, to manage time in a better way and consequently just like a wheel that every sector affects with the other, creating a physical, mental and spiritual harmony.

Health & Wellness

Under the aspect of the simplest body, concrete and real, it’s my desire to be able to free myself from the stress of a particularly strenuous year under the emotional aspect and through this to rediscover my energy and physical form.
In the last few years I have lost many kilos, as well as taking on a healthier lifestyle, but the stress of the last period has led me to fall into bad habits that struck me at a mental level, reflecting in a laziness and loss of energy which I hadn’t for years. I would like to lose 4 pounds by spring, will I make it?


I’m Christian and always Catholic not in the strictest sense, but certainly in the truest sense. In the last year I have come very close to my belief and my faith, but in equal measure I’m happy to have started to approach another aspect of my life: the supernatural. For years in the past I have practiced Wiccan and then abandoned it, it’s a wrong belief that religion and paranormal cannot coexist when instead they naturally intertwine while supporting each other. The fear of some events had made me put aside this side of mine, but I’m more than convinced and eager to rediscover it.


It was a complicated journey that led me to understand that love isn’t a priority in my life or at least not the one intended in the strictest sense of getting married, settling down and starting a family. I don’t say that I absolutely don’t want this to happen to me, but that I don’t feel at this moment that it’s a priority in my life. Saying it out loud is even more complex when today there are those who judge you: “You have 31 years how is it possible that you are single? You don’t have children yet, look what time passes!” and bla bla bla. First I felt ashamed now I realized that I am not weird or crazy, I’m just like that.


Family & Friends

Another issue is family and friendship. The first one was put to the test this year with my mother’s illness, but paradoxically this great evil made me rediscover, when I needed it most, how united we are and in the new year I want to enjoy every single hundredth of a second I lived with their. While friendship is a thorny issue. Last month I saw the series of Dolly Parton “Hearthstrings” and watching the episode “Cracker Jack” I cried like a child asking myself: “How is it possible after all the pain you felt for the friendship and betrayal that you gave is it in derivatives, to believe it so much? ” who knows maybe 2020 will answer my question.

Home & Spaces

Until I stopped to think about it I didn’t understand how important it was for me to renovate my bedroom. It’s the place where I spend most of my time working and should reflect this: a relaxing and welcoming workplace. Of course there is a bed and a wardrobe, inevitably, but otherwise I want it to turn into MY space.

Work & Money

These two concepts are closely related because they depend on each other. With this new year, I want to focus on growing my business, outlining myself and taking me to another level. Blogging isn’t a pastime, but my job and I do it strenuously to become more professional every year. However to make it really such I have to have a salary that can be called that, so I get a monetary independence strong enough to realize my desires, but above all to help my family.

In conclusion I believe that my resolutions for this year are feasible and require only a good dose of commitment and perseverance on my part.
What are your resolutions for this year just started? Have you ever thought about writing them thinking about them using the Wheel of Life?
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26 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions – 2020

  1. You have a great perspective. You can do this! I love the wheel because we can fill it out now and revisit it at the end of the year to see how we have grown. Really awesome! A lot of the time we don’t realize how much we have really grown because we don’t have such a tangible way to measure.

    1. Exactly! I have realized, since I have a personal coach, how much this tool helps and in fact now that I am doing something concrete to improve some aspects of my life I am happier.

  2. I love your new year’s resolutions, and your use of the wheel of life in order to discover, plan and manage. It s
    a genius move! I’ve only ever actively used SMART targets so I’ll have to give this a go too.

    Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the best for the new year.

    1. The Wheel of Life can always be used because when you plan a goal for a sector of the wheel inevitably time later you will have to do it again as that sector will be increased and who knows maybe another will be waned. I recommend it, it is a very valid tool.

  3. Happy New Year to you, I have not seen the wheel of life before and love how that helps to create or help one lead a more purposeful life which is fullfilling. I am going to use this for 2020 to get my lists

  4. It’s interesting that you talk about love not being an essential in your life at the moment. I think more people should have this approach as they spend too much time focusing on finding this rather than focusing on themselves.

    1. I admit that it was not easy to admit this aloud to others and myself, but … it is the truth. Facing it and accepting it makes me feel better, I was afraid to feel different for this or judged, but I believe instead that it is what I feel and nothing and nobody can know what I need or makes me happy at the moment. Nobody except myself.

  5. Happy New Year! These all sound very doable. It’s nice to keep it light so that we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves. I used to do the resolution tying, but then I stopped. I did jot down a few this year. 🙂

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