Neum (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

When one thinks of Bosnia and Herzegovina, immediately the thought goes to an internal country of Eastern Europe without access to the sea, but there is nothing more wrong. With just under 5,000 inhabitants and a coastline of about 20 kilometers, Neum is a charming town that has been becoming an unusual tourist destination for a few years to discover.

How to organize the trip

It’s not uncommon for Neum to be confused about a Croatian city, due to its location, but it is not. Here we are in a completely different country and can be seen immediately, not only because of a different currency, but also because of the way tourism is still in its infancy. However, the simplicity of this seaside resort, sometimes rustic, does not diminish the beauty of its sea, the emotion of its sunsets and the liveliness of its nocturnal rub.
The official currency of Bosnia is the Bosnian Marco (1 $ = 1.73 MK) and the purchasing power is wide because of a decidedly low standard of living, more than Croatia.
The accommodation we have chosen, for 10 days, was the Sanja Apartmanet where we paid in 3 adults $ 684.55.
I invite you to follow this invitation link (click here) for a $ 28 credit to use on your first trip on Airbnb.


What to visit

Neum is a small town suitable for enjoying beach life, but less for cultural or natural visits. However it lends itself well as a starting point for interesting excursions in the surrounding area.
Only 20 kilometers away is Ston, famous for its wall which is the largest in Europe second only to China. 5.5 kilometers linking Veliki Ston, on Mount San Michele, to Mali Ston, towards the sea. The wall is interspersed with 31 quadrangular towers and 10 circular ones, 6 circular bastions, 1 quadrangular and 2 fortresses.
A walk over the walls can be combined with a gourmet break in one of the many restaurants in the city that offer oysters, bred here in the numerous hatcherys.
Carrying on on the Peljesac peninsula it is possible to arrive in Orebic where with only half an hour of ferry it is reached the medieval Korcula famous for the famous homonym battle of 1298 between Genoese and Venetians.
25 kilometers from Neum is the town of Prapratno, where it is possible to reach the famous island of Mljet with a 45-minute ferry ride. The northwestern part of the island is protected as a national natural park and inside there are two suggestive salt water lakes that are connected to each other by a narrow channel where the ebb and flow of the tides creates unique current games.
Among other possible excursions we find 60 kilometers south of Dubrovnik and 80 kilometers north of Makarska and 83 kilometers east of Mostar. Along the way I suggest a stop in Blagaj, a little known place that hides a spectacle of nature and unmissable water.

Where to eat

Neum offers few choices regarding eating out and all of them are very cheap without great pretensions, but not for this reason not pleasant for the palate. We have personally found in the restaurant of the Hotel Posejdon the ideal place to have dinner.
Located on the promenade along the north, and with reasonable prices, it offers not only excellent dishes but also breathtaking sunsets.
As their regular customers it is possible in some cases to book some special dishes from the previous evening to be sure that when you ask for them they are available (example: the very good fried mussels).
On average the price for two 75 CL water bottles, 3 coffees and a plate of meat per person in 3 people is around $ 32. I invite you to keep in mind that this can be considered the most expensive restaurant in the city.

32 thoughts on “Neum (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

  1. I’ve never visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it looks like a wonderful summer destination. I may plan a trip there, as summer holidays are not very far away. 🙂

  2. This is definitely a surprise. I had no idea the coastline was so beautiful. Looks like a dreamy area for a nice vacation! Will definitely keep this in mind when planning future trips.

  3. I have been to Eastern Europe but not yet to Bosnia and Herzegovina and love to getting to know more in-depth about Bosnia and Herzegovina especially the charming town you mentioned – Neum.

  4. I don’t know much about what Bosnia & Herzegovina is like now. My dad served a peace keeping mission there when I was in high school. It looks like a lovely place to travel and doesn’t seem to be very expensive.

  5. I never heard about these places. Some of the small places are good for tourism but don’t get much value. The second pic is stunning. It was interesting to read about something I did not know.

  6. Your photos are so amazing! Make me feel like I should include Neum in my bucketlist too. I’ve always been a fan of blue waters!

  7. Che posto meraviglioso! Sono stata In Bosnia Herzegovina solo di passaggio una volta andando da Medjugorje e sono rimasta cosi impresionata che vorrei proprio ritornare!!

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