Natural Cosmetics Between Cruelty Free and Vegan

Natural cosmetics and its secrets

Getting free in the varied world of natural cosmetics isn’t easy, especially if you are starting out. It isn’t uncommon in this sector to find labels such as vegan or cruelty free on packaging and often believe that they are synonymous with each other. So it is not.
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Products labeled as vegan are characterized by the fact that inside they don’t contain any ingredient of origin and/or produced by animals.
A vegan product is not automatically cruelty free, if it’s it must be explicitly indicated.
Among the certificates that guarantee the vegan origin of the product we find:
Vegan Ok
UK Vegan Society
It often happens that small companies cannot afford the expensive certifications, despite the fact that their cosmetics are truly vegan as well as ethically safe. In this case there is nothing left to do but rely on the INCI.

Cruelty Free

Products labeled as cruelty free are characterized by the fact that they haven’t been tested on animals at any stage of their development.
A cruelty free product isn’t automatically vegan, as inside it can contain ingredients deriving from animals such as honey or milk.
Among the certificates that guarantee the cruelty free origin of the product we find:
One Voice (doesn’t contain ingredients of animal origin except honey, pollen and beeswax)
Leaping Bunny
Cruelty Free (PETA)
The cosmetic products and ingredients developed and sold by the European Union, due to a regulation of 2009, cannot by law be tested on animals. This guarantees their cruelty free appearance.

cruelty free

dr Botanicals

Wanting to bring a practical example, in this case both vegan and cruelty free, it’s appropriate to speak of dr. Botanicals.
This English brand was founded in 2013 by Richard Walker. Its purpose was to offer effective skincare products, which however didn’t fail to respect nature.
In detail, this night face mask is an example of how this experimentation was successful. With a truly natural 98% INCI, this pomegranate mask is a super moisturizing night treatment.
Rich in vitamin C and with coconut oil, during sleep it’s absorbed by the skin to give it the same tone and brightness. Fatty acids help strengthen its natural barrier, while Omega 3 works on its structure to make it flexible and elastic.
The Apothecary line has superfoods as its main ingredients, doing without synthetic perfumes, dyes and parabens.

Midsummer Festival

From the flowers and atmospheres of the Swedish midsummer party here comes this small collection dedicated to this time of year and to the homeland of this fantastic brand!
Glitter-y Eye Quad: available in 3 different shades (BluePearl in photo), this mini glitter palette is perfect for giving a final touch to makeup;
LipLift Max: available in 5 different shades (Peony Bloom in photo), this long-lasting liquid lipstick has an intense colors;
Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths: essential for removing makeup quickly and precisely. Infused with chamomile and grape seeds, these wipes have a calming effect on the skin leaving it clean and balanced;
H2O Skindrink: a super moisturizing gel perfect for long summer days. Formula enriched with aloe vera, rosemary and green tea;
Metallic Tattoos: Temporary tattoos, preferably golden or silver, talking in summer and in its festive actions are an essential element.


INCI Legend

dr. Botanicals pomegranate night mask 💚💚
Glitter-y Eye Quad 💚💛❤️
LipLift Max 💚💛❤️
Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths 💚
H2O Skindrink 💚💚❤️❤️

Photo ©Ika Dam

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  2. I love the point that you made about companies not being able to afford the certifications of these certain labels. Same thing with organic foods. Small farmers just can’t afford that certification and therefore cannot be considered “certified” organic. Yet their practices are still organic.

    I don’t buy much makeup and such, but thanks for the reminder to check out the labels and also for the different label terminology. I wasn’t that familiar with it.

  3. I am so much concerned of hat I am using now than I use to be. It is always important to me to choose a cruelty-free product.

  4. I already tried this Pixi products and I really love it because of its cruelty-free. Thanks for this insight info.

  5. I’ll make sure to do a research on the brands of make up out there. We must support those businesses that did not have to resort to animal cruelty.

  6. I have to say that I have never tried any of these brands! So, I really appreciated learning about them, can’t wait to give a few of them a try!!!

  7. What a nice list you’ve shared. I think it’s so important to actively make sure that our products are as cruelty-free as possible.

  8. Glad you shared such valuable information with us…Thanks indeed for sharing…found this blog post quite important and interesting one..Great work though…will surely check out once…

  9. LOVE this post. I am vegan and in this day and age I agree that make up should be cruelty free for sure, so there are some great product ideas here x

  10. I had no idea the extent of vegan products by Pixi. It seems a lot of brands only strive for the cruelty free certification but forget people want “natural” vegan products.

  11. I learned something new today. I always thought that if something is vegan, then it is automatically cruelty free. I guess that does not apply to every product. Thanks for the information. I will be more discerning and check labels next time I shop.

  12. I didn’t know about this! Thank you so much for educating me. I always try to buy vegan brands but I’ll have to do some research now!

  13. This is a great guide – especially in stating that vegan is not automatically cruelty-free – or even organic! These three things are quite different.

  14. Thank you for this breakdown of products and the discussion highlighting differences between “vegan” and “cruelty free.” The world of makeup has SO many categories that it really can be difficult to navigate. I might just need to try the night mask…sounds really refreshing! 🤗

  15. You eliminated some assumptions I made about vegan products. I’m happy to learn something new here today as I am working to lead a more minimal lifestyle.

  16. These points are so important for people to understand! Picking one or the other doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it’s both. I always make sure my cosmetics are both vegan and cruelty-free.

  17. Now I clearly understand the difference between vegan and cruelty free thanks to this blog! The recommended list of cosmetics are also good. I have used a few of them myself.

  18. While I don’t know much about makeup since I am a guy and don’t wear it. It is nice to know that there are a variety of products out there to fit many people’s beliefs.

  19. Thank you for explaining the difference between vegan and cruelty free and what to look out for when wishing to buy this type of products. Now I’ll better know what to watch when buying cosmetics.

  20. This was an interesting read. I never realized that cruelty-free and vegan did not necessarily go hand-in-hand. There’s so much you have to know when you buy this stuff.

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