Detox and phytotherapy are the keywords for those who have the desire to take care of their physical well-being in a natural way. Through the meeting with specialists, today’s article will be an in-depth study of natural supplements. As well as discovering the true meaning of the word “purify”.
I don’t talk about it randomly today, as in 3 days (on September 13, 2020) is the day of Ekadasi (days when body fluids and fluids tend to reach their maximum, so it’s recommended these days to observe a simple and light diet) , perfect for detox.
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Detox: meaning and remedies

The practice of “detoxifying the organism” would be appropriate to apply it twice a year. Not only by feeding on seasonal fruits and vegetables, but also by following simple and useful tips. First of all, it’s essential to follow a healthy diet by reducing calories (perhaps starting with a month of attack without salt and sugar, drinking at least 2 liters of water per day). And then slowly reintroducing them in a more balanced way.
It’s important to read the labels. Ready soups or condiments will soon prove to be anything but solid allies. As ingredients such as glutamate and preservatives contribute to water retention.
Small side note, use ginger. Its anti-inflammatory properties are excellent in the period of calorie reduction.

Liver cleansing

If proper nutrition stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste, liver cleansing is equally important. But how? Here is a list of the best foods and plants to take for the purpose:
– the artichoke which facilitates the expulsion of cholesterol. To be taken in: tablets, herbal teas or cooking water of the artichoke;
milk thistle that protects and regenerates liver cells. To be taken in: tablets, herbal teas or decoctions;
dandelion which helps the liver to eliminate toxins and promotes the production of bile. To be taken in: tablets, herbal teas or decoctions;
chicory which promotes the secretion of bile acids and stimulates the contraction of the gallbladder. To be taken in: tablets or herbal teas.
It’s possible to replace this coffee drink as it not only helps the liver, but also protects the intestine and assists it in case of constipation.

Phytotherapy: the power of plants

There are many natural supplements that can become valid allies in times of greatest stress or seasonal changes:
echinacea helps keep the immune system high;
lapacho is indicated to stimulate the immune system when it’s busy defeating viruses;
propolis contains vitamins of group B, C and E as well as mineral salts. Recommended for combating sore throats and colds;
– the uncaria is a root that combined with the willow extract is used against colds and coughs. Excellent also against arthritis and rheumatism;
rosehip contains vitamin C, ideal against viral and respiratory diseases and allergies;
elderberry is a valid remedy against dry cough and pharyngitis;
marsh-mallow, mallow and plantain are rich in emollient mucilages that act on the mucous membranes and protect them from irritation;
mint, pine, thyme and licorice are indicated against fat cough and facilitating expectoration.

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