MAMMA MILANO, my unconventional Xmas

Have you ever thought about celebrating Christmas in an unconventional way? Maybe eating a hamburger or a pizza? Follow me to MAMMA MILANO and you will be amazed of our lunch!
Discover the restaurant here.


The restaurant is located in one of the famous areas of the Milan nightlife, just a few steps from Corso Como, between vintage-flavor botique and young glamorous shops and restaurants.
In an intimate, convivial and bright environment you are immediately welcomed by an air of home as soon as you cross the threshold of the restaurant.
Clean and modern lines never fail to feel the warmth of the family and even more of the mother (MAMMA)!
Everywhere, phrases typical of every mother in the world that make you smile and feel pampered!



The young and attentive service doesn’t fail to always be precise and punctual.
From my point of view, however, a place that plays so much on the concept of home and “mother” should emphasize this aspect with a warmer and more relaxed attitude.


From the point of view of the dishes the restaurant doesn’t fail to offer its customers young dishes, but sought after in the ingredients and preparation, such as burgers and pizzas, but also classic dishes such as pasta or meat main courses.
In detail we have ordered:
Bread, 180g of piemont’s scottona, iceberg and lattuce salad, tomato, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup;
Tomato from San Marzano, mozzarella bufala cheese D.O.P., basil, E.V.O. oil;
Tomato from San Marzano, piece of mozzarella bufala cheese, seasoned Parma ham, basil, E.V.O. oil;
Pistachio CheeseNoCake.


$ 63.56 for three people. The burger dish includes the side dish of chips and a drink, but in addition to the dishes above it we also got three small beers and three monoarabic coffees blended with Guatemala.
Overall I think it’s a reasonable price in the face of more than fair portions, on average abundant, and a quality above the norm.

What do you think of my lunch at MAMMA MILANO? Are you already licking your chops?
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31 thoughts on “MAMMA MILANO, my unconventional Xmas

  1. The hamburger looks so delicious, with plenty of things inside it. The pizzas sound classic and yummy too. And the bill is definitely ok for three people.

  2. Yummy! The food looks very delicious. I envy you for having lunch at Mamma Milano. I wish I was close enough to sample the Pistachio CheeseNoCake.

  3. Wow. The pizza looks delicious with the mozzarella cheese on top. My mouth is watering. I would love to have pizza and burgers during Christmas.

  4. I absolutely love looking at posts like this. Travelling is in my blood so I almost always end up in places that I only used to read about. I’ll definitely be in Italy sometime next year and this is fab info for when I’m there, thanks. 🙂

  5. All the food looks delicious. We actually have a tradition that each year we try different foods for Christmas instead of always having ham or Turkey. This would be perfect for our tradition

  6. I am one for doing different foods for the holidays. Christmas is going to be something but I am not sure what it will be yet. The food looks good and I hope I remember this place and maybe visit it in august.

  7. What a lovely restaurant! I’ve never heard of Mamma Milano before, but they have some great choices for dining, who doesn’t like pizza or burgers!

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