Mabon on the Adda

Alban Elfed

Mabon or rather the Autumn Solstice will fall exactly 5 days from today. Under the influence of the Water Light (Alban Elfed), for the Celts it matched the harvest festival and marked the end of the productive and reproductive cycle.
It is time for balances, even astral ones, as day and night are equivalent even though darkness begins to prevail over the Light.
Mabon is therefore a moment of pause to reflect, meditate and prepare for transformation.
With the arrival of autumn one abandons oneself to the flow of emotions, feelings and time, overcoming the past and what one has been. We accept the fruits harvested appreciating what we have and we look in perspective to understand which aspects of life must be overcome to grow.

Celebrate Mabon

The best way to celebrate Mabon is to greet Nature that prepares for its winter rest through walks or excursions.
This is how I decided to share my experience with the Adda river with you, a perfect place to find peace, serenity and welcome the arrival of autumn.
The Adda river offers a variety of unmissable routes to choose from. Personally I dedicated my walk between Robbiate and Paderno d’Adda where I could admire the San Michele bridge, one of the greatest monuments of metallic architecture in Italy, and retrace the steps of Leonardo da Vinci who was so inspired by these places (does the background of the Mona Lisa tell you anything?). Then, going as far as Trezzo sull’Adda, I moved from the Taccani Hydroelectric Power Station to the Visconteno Castle to admire the castle park, the tower, the remains of the walls and the Vercellino well.
It is important to wear the colors of the party such as brown, gold, dark red or orange and turn one’s attention to the trees and their breath as to water and its strength.
How the Hermit “walks” on a journey towards observation, research and understanding. A descent into “darkness” that causes neither uncertainty nor fear, as much as a departure from the “lights of commonplaces”, even more than superficial truths.
Enjoy the autumn fruits accompanied by wines or ciders. Decorate pine cones or create cornucopias. Wear a talisman (recommended Color Sea) or bring a crystal with you (recommended: amethyst, carnelian, aventurine amber or rock crystal).
Happy Mabon!

18 thoughts on “Mabon on the Adda

  1. Wow! how beautiful… What an Awesome and Amazing place.. What a breathtaking pictures, This world is so much more beautiful than i though. You look really gorgeous and stunning by the way.

  2. Such a beautiful scenery to see. I’d love to have a meditation period as well to be able to renew my spirit. The Autumn Solstice is a vague concept here inour country, but I’d love to participate in the coming days!

  3. The Autumn Solstice is upon us and it is definitely my favorite time of year for many reasons! I love the beautiful colors, the wonderful flavors and of course, Halloween!

  4. We don’t have the iconic “fall” here, so I have to experience it with photos like yours. It is starting to cool down, and I love to do my walking most in the evenings so I don’t get distracted with everything around me.

  5. I love seeing these kinds of pictures! These fall pictures are beyond beautiful. Great angles and the color clash is amazing!

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