Lughnasadh: the feast of rest


Lughnasadh, which is celebrated on 1st August, is the corn and harvest festival par excellence. It’s a time of celebration of abundance, without however failing to reflect on the cycle of seasons that chase each other. The Full Moon of the month is dedicated to the harvest and will fall this year on day 3 (in conjunction with the newsletter!)
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The God Lugh

The name of this holiday is named after the Celtic God Lugh. Unlike the Goddess Brigit, linked to the Sabbat Imbolc, which procures the energy necessary for creative effort, Lugh is the artist who knows how to forge this energy.
The God Lugh is the representation of the archetype of the savior hero, which despite the prohibitions and obstacles brings the happy ending.
Lughnasadh is the first of three festivals (during the year) to thank the earth for its gifts. It’s in fact a day of dancing, games and especially dedicated to the primary source of sustenance: bread.

What is Lughnasadh?

Lughnasadh is the time of year when the day starts to get shorter again. The door that opens the way to autumn.
In modern conception, the period of August is linked to summer holidays, as it also coincided with the annual rest in the past.
After the work of the year, and the satisfactions of the harvest, it’s time to be with loved ones and live the summer through events, celebrations and demonstrations.

Celebrate Lughnasadh?

Being a budget period , it’s good practice to dwell on one’s personal “harvest” and draw up a list of the things that have been learned, of those that you can improve and pause to reflect on what (during the first months of the year) worked and what didn’t.
It’s the symbolic representation of death, as we usually arrive tired physically and mentally in August. We need to take a break and be reborn with more strength and energy in view of the autumn projects.
Being grateful for what you have and enjoying peace and relaxation is the best way to celebrate this Sabbath. Relax your mind, devote yourself to meditation, dwell on the simplicity and beauty of nature and above all eat lots of bread. “Son” of the earth’s efforts and propitiatory symbol for continuity in the future.
Happy Lughnasadh!

God Lugh


The Tarot representing this festival are: the Hanging that invites to sacrifice that brings results, but also to be open to progressive ideas that need to be put into practice. And the Sun which invites to a slow but sure conquest of the set goals. It gives intuition, judgment and mental lucidity. But also and above all it spurs us to travel to stock up on vital energy and inner brightness.

The Incense

The Incense , in addition to being linked to the Wind Element , is of great importance because through the fumigation creates a link between the material and the spiritual world.
Based on the aroma it has, it is specific to a specific goal.
Among the most used aromas are:
benzoin : to propitiate success in business and commercial activities,
myrrh : to purify and protect,
camphor : for reconciliations,
palo santo : to purify environments and keep negativity away,
sandal : to purify and protect,
patchouli : for love.

The Colors

Colors also have a great importance, more than we think, and therefore here is a deepening on those that represent the Element of Air.
Rosa: It favors romantic love, sweetness, sacred protection, affection and friendship.
Yellow: Represents the East and the Sun. It promotes success, work, mental love, intellect, imagination, creativity, memory, communication and l ‘agility.
Golden: Represents the Sun. It promotes success, justice and positive influence.


In the August newsletter (day 3) more insights about this element, the rituals associated with it and above all some of its most iconic symbols at stake.
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  1. I really loved this. I’m always interested in learning about new traditions, cultures, and celebrations. I have never heard of The Feast of Rest, so I was really excited to dig into this.

  2. It’s crazy how you think your traditions are so normal, until you look at others and realize that is the norm too!!! makes me want to take a culture tour around the world. thanks for sharing

  3. Wow, I didn’t even know that there’s a dedicated god for taking a break and recovering. I’d happily pay a tribute! It’s fascinating to know other cultures, stories, fables, and so on, thanks a lot for sharing this insightful information. I noticed you’re based in Italy! So exciting, I should be there in mid-September, covid-19 permitting, to further my study. Hello from Singapore at the moment 🙂

  4. This Lughnasadh festive is completely new for me…i haven’t even heard of this before..but glad you shared this great information with us..this blog post is truly very informative and helpful…

  5. Wow! I’m completely stunned with all this info. Thank you

    Wanted to see what your thoughts on everything going on in the world. Numbers have a major significance here. This day Aug 1st …… my Great Grandmother Grace Vignale and the history falls on all these numbers and everything is starting to kinda make sense. Let me know what your thought on this in particular day and the first day of many other months in my family history. Just can’t stop digging. A major amount of the oldest family members in the vignale Family died on the 1st . The first link and picture that popped up when I searched was Palma Grace Vignale Born on the 1st and lived till her 90s. I don’t know please contact me if there is anything else with all these numbers being aligned?

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