Lucy Boynton inspiring make up by Pixi

A flight to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival to steal a look that is suitable for the day, but also special for the evening. Here is the Lucy Boynton inspiring make up by Pixi where red dominates and the chosen technique is that of monochromatic.

An extremely easy make up obtained with the exceptional Pixi by Petra palette.
From the Pixi Natural Beauty palette I chose the Sheer Sand color to pass over the entire eyelid to make it uniform and then, again from the same palette, I chose the color Rosa Clay to pass in the fold of the eyelid and give a slight sense of depth to the look.
The touch of real color comes from the Pixi Reflex Light palette where the 3D Peach color is the one that I pass circularly in the outer part of the eye to give it that hetero glow between red and bronze. Finally, from the same palette I choose the color Auburn Blaze to pass in the outer part of the eye, in the fold, to give a little more red color and give depth to make up. To discover the complete make up tutorial click here.

Pixi by Petra combines quality with price. Its palette has warm and natural colors, but do not be fooled by its strong colors because the texture is very light and suitable for those who, like me, adore effect make up but also light.
Pixi Natural Beauty and Pixi Reflex Light pallets are available at £ 24.00 on their WEBSITE or in the Sephora stores.
Rating 3.5/5

34 thoughts on “Lucy Boynton inspiring make up by Pixi

  1. The palette has such neutral and earthy shades as I always love it for my eyeshadow. I’ve never been a good one with bold shades.

  2. Well to be honest, I was never really a make up person. But in recent months have started building a liking for it. This blog will help me get closer to knowing make up skills. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Pixi is one of my favorite brands when it comes to makeup. I’m kind of picky because I don’t know a ton about it and Pixi is my go to.

  4. I like the colors on that palette very much. This is something I would certainly use. Unfortunately, I see you rated it 3.5 so I’m sure these colors do not look so good on eyes.

  5. I really love Pixi. They make some amazing products. I do wish they would come out with some different palettes that aren’t always neutral. I’d be so curious to see what a colorful palette from the brand would look like.

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