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Christmas is coming and there is nothing better than starting to think about the gifts to make, even more if they concern sisters, friends, girlfriends, wifes, mothers, etc… Older or younger women who make our better life and always full of emotion and love. Here are many beautiful low-cost ideas for original and fashion gifts!
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Gifts List Part 1

🌞Sun & Moon Dress: original, captivating and with a touch of magic this polyester dress is suitable for all seasons giving an esoteric and mysterious touch to our outfit. Available in four colors: black / gold, green / gold, burgundy / gold and black / silver.
Price: $ 22.29
💖Pink Clutch Bag: simple and graceful measuring 18cm wide and 16 cm high. His style is very reminiscent of Chanel and is available in three colors: red, black and pink.
Price: $ 22.92
📰Newspaper Clutch Bag: undoubtedly a gift that does not go unnoticed if you have the desire to amaze, but at the same time regal a truly unique fashion idea. It measures 24cm in width and 14cm in height.
Price: $ 21.42
💙Plaid clutch bag: with a vintage touch without giving up an ever-modern class, this clutch is available in three colors: blue, red and black.
Price: $ 23.45
📿Body Necklace: an infinitely elegant decoration and bohoo vibrations for this bijou to show off at the sea over a bikini, but also throughout the year to complete an outfit and give it a special touch.
Price: $ 4.63

Gifts List Part 2

🌜Moon Chocker: Coachella inspirations for an accessory that is as simple as it is captivating.
Price: $ 6.38
🦁Lion Earrings: these cheap and excellently made earrings are able to appear of excellent quality despite their low price. Available in two colors: gold and silver.
Price: $ 4.59
👁️Eyes Earrings: the watchword is to amaze! From the vintage touch to how rich in details it is impossible to go unnoticed when wearing them!
Price: $ 2.81
🐝Bees Earrings: absolutely an evergreen jewelery, the bee to wear is a must have! Elegant and cute, these earrings are available in two colors: yellow and red.
Price: $ 4.61
🔺Vintage Earrings: perfect to complete a look that touch of antique / modern that you always like! Their geometric style and embellished by that shiny touch make them perfect for any occasion.
Price: $ 4.82
Which gift idea is right for you? What would you give and to whom?

31 thoughts on “Low cost gift ideas with Rosegal

  1. I’ve never heard of Rosegal before, but the earrings will make a perfect gift for a friend. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. The lion earings, vintage earings, the pink clutch bag – all look lovely to me. I love visiting your website to see the gift ideas. I will pick a few of them for my sister. Thank you Cristina.

  3. Wow, those earrings are so beautiful perfect gift to give to my mom and sisters on this Christmas and I am sure they will love it.

  4. I love that dress! I always love the sun/moon theme and it looks amazing on the dress. And it is a great price! Now to decide if I want it in the black or that burgundy they offer.

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