Lolita inspired sunglasses

The first person to wear sunglasses with red frames was the scandalous and malicious Lolita.
Nabokov wrote about her in 1955 and Kubrick brought her story to the big screen for the first time in 1962.

These vintage-looking, but cheeky sunglasses, are perfect to wear both provocatively and in an original bon-ton outfit to give it a playful touch.

The Greek Glasses COSMO model are available in three colors: black, red and white.
With just $ 39.95 it’s impossible to give up this sunglasses for a retro moment that will give our eyes a feline and sensual touch.

Its very dark lenses protect the eyes well from the ray of sunshine or intense light.
While the lightweight frame makes them comfortable and easy to wear.

What do you think of my tone-on-tone look? A perfect explosion of red for this Christmas season, aren’t they a nice present to do after all?
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30 thoughts on “Lolita inspired sunglasses

  1. Even though summer is long over for me, I like the style of these sunglasses. They will be perfect come next spring and summer!

    1. Absolutely yes! They are available in many variations! In my blog post click on the photograph of the glasses at the beginning of the Blog Post and you will be able to see all the available colors of frames and lenses!

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