Locanda La Greppia

Locanda La Greppia Review

LOCATION Locanda La Greppia is a family inn located in the Ricetto di Candelo. With just a few covers it offers an intimate and very suggestive atmosphere as it is located in a medieval building with exposed stone. Despite this, and what you can think of, it is very clean inside without traces of dust or cobwebs.
Minimal and functional, with a small open kitchen, it is the perfect place to take a break after visiting the village. It is also the only Ricetto inn open on Saturday for lunch.

SERVICE The service is basically composed of the cook in the kitchen and the waitress in the room. Two single people who, having to take care of everything, offer a service that is not necessarily very fast. Despite this, the girl who serves the tables is very kind, a true welcome teacher. The wait is above all at the beginning, but once the kitchen starts the waiting times are normalized, however remaining always moderate.

MENU The restaurant offers a menu that changes from day to day so you won’t find a paper menu inside the restaurant. The day we went, the menu consisted of: Beef tartare, Vitello tonnato, Agnolotti with ragu, Risotto with lavender, Roast beef with cherry tomatoes and cheese trio.
A few simple and substantial dishes, so much so that one course will be enough to fill you up, and cooked in a genuine and home-made way. Desserts are just as tasty, especially the chocolate cream and custard, the latter with a delicious lemon note. Served hot it has an enveloping taste and can be enjoyed with cookies!

BILL 69,00 $ in three people for: Tris di Formaggi (maccagno, first salt and young toma served with pear slices, walnut kernels and honey. They are three big beautiful pieces, excellent dish to share), Tartare di Manzo (impeccably and very seasoned light and served with cherry tomatoes and salad), Vitello Tonnato (very good and light, perhaps with a little too much oil in the tuna sauce), Creamy chocolate, 2 Creme Pasticcere (very good, but maybe a little too heavy that weighs down the end meal, just a portion of it in two), 3 coffees (served with dried accompanying fruit), 3 glasses of red wine and a bottle of water.

35 thoughts on “Locanda La Greppia Review

  1. I like small cozy restaurants like this. The food sounds creative and delicious. I would save room for dessert.

  2. A cozy small coffee house like this makes time with friends and family an intimate one. The rustic vibe is a big plus. 🙂

  3. I know I would love it here. I would be all about that bread. I love when restaurants have bread. It seems that it’s not so expensive too, which is a plus.

  4. I am quite impressed with the total price for three people. Sometimes you go to a restaurant with a loved one and it is good to spend hours chatting. I don’t like to be rushed out of a restaurant on certain occasions so this slow service will suit me then.

  5. Wow! This seems amazing restaurant. I would love to visit this restaurant. Thanks for sharing review about this place

  6. I like the idea that there is a different menu all the time because you never know what you will be going to eat. This looks lovely and I would love to visit it.

  7. I always want to try and visit different restaurants, and this looks like a great one, I will defi itely visit here if I hd the chance

  8. Looks like a pretty mellow place to just lay back and get good food. One more thing I check when I go to a restaurant is the vibe. This place definitely has everything.

  9. The food seems delicious! I hope if I can travel there next time, I can try different kind of restaurant and taste different cuisines!

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