Last Minute Christmas Ideas

It isn’t Christmas without a good dose of magic and even if there is a risk of arriving at the last moment, it’s still possible to fix it a bit on the high seas! Whether it’s for gifts still to be given or simply to add charm and joy to your decorations, today we will enter a world of creativity and beauty. No more chatter and may the power of Christmas be with us!
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The Pixi Essentials

Making the right Christmas gift isn’t easy, especially when you’re afraid of overdoing it. It happens very often that the great affection you feel towards someone or simply wanting to make a good impression, leads to overdoing it.
However, an excessively expensive and demanding gift could put the recipient in difficulty, which is why Pixi in this case comes to the rescue with optimal ideas.
These two small bundles are exactly the solution to the problem. Aesthetically beautiful, qualitatively high and undoubtedly fun.
The first gives a taste of Pixi’s beauty potions, three mini size of their flagship tonics and of which I have extensively told you HERE. Perfect for those who try them for the first time, so that they can choose their favorite.
The second is basically a small beauty case with the essentials for a complete skincare: make-up remover wipes, cleanser, mask and toner. All Glow themed!


Returning Little Girls with Notino

If, on the other hand, the gift to be given is aimed at a person who is particularly close to us, which can be a daughter, a sister, a BFF or a GF for example… then giving Disney magic is a great way to avoid mistakes.
The Mad Beauty collection is a real riot of ideas. Halfway between atmospheric quality and a touch of childish innocence, these products are suitable for all ages. For every woman at least once in her life she has dreamed of being a Disney Princess or… a Villains!.


For all the Queens of Evil there is a real arsenal to choose from. From the Disney Villains Palette, with eyeshadows that prefer purple and brown shades, with points of light, but undoubtedly darker suitable for smokey eyes. All the way to Snow White’s Evil Queen bath bomb in the shape of a cauldron.
All then seasoned with very interesting face masks in fabric chosen from Ursula, Maleficent or Cruella De Vil.


If, like me, you prefer our heroines in skirts, then here too you will have a lot to choose from.
The Disney Princess Eyeshadow Palette is a bright, metallic and romantic homage with mostly pink colors, with cherry and peach forays. But it’s the details that make the difference and then here is the lip balm of Aladdin’s Genie or, optionally, that of Chip and Ms. Potts of Beauty and The Beast.
Here too the masks are a real arsenal and are one more interesting than the other:
Ariel: soothing face for eyes, moisturizing face in fabric with cucumber extracts and moisturizing hair;
Cinderella: illuminating face in fabric and exfoliating feet;
Jasmine: revitalizing face in fabric with green tea extract;
Aurora: soothing face in fabric with lavender;
Belle: soothing face in tissue with rosehip extract.

Last Details

Of all the products on offer, which is your favorite? Also because the ideas are not finished!
The first is the Kipozi hair straightener. Perhaps a brand that may appear less known to you, but which I personally find very high quality, much more than many other “famous names”. Made of ceramic, it reaches a maximum temperature of 200 ° and most importantly, it doesn’t tear your hair!
Another alternative comes from this unisex beauty case, available in both blue and gray, which in addition to being roomy is also waterproof!
And if by chance you are still behind with the decorations or something is still missing to give the final touch to the magic of Christmas, then these led lights are the solution! The wire is available in warm white, multicolor and two-tone blue/white light and is composed of 300 LEDs for a total length of 40 meters!

34 thoughts on “Last Minute Christmas Ideas

  1. Non festeggiamo il Natale qui in India, ma tutti questi preparativi dell’ultimo minuto che hai citato mi sembrano fantastici e perfetti come se nulla fosse perduto!

  2. The Pixi products make great last minute presents. I am already done with my shopping, I can’t stand the Christmas crowds so I try to finish everything as early as possible.

  3. These are lovely Christmas gift ideas. I’ve not tried any of the Pixi products before. They do sound like they’d make great gifts though.,

  4. I am loving those Pixi Gift Sets and my daughter would go wild for a few of those this Holiday season. Definitely checking them out 🙂

  5. The Pixi products are definitely on my list. I have a fancy for them. I need to add the beauty case, though, as I need one desperately.

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