La Cucina dei Frigoriferi Milanesi: where tradition and modernity meet


Milan, the cradle of innovation and culture, marries the solid tradition of the “Trattoria Nuovo Macello”. It’s the beginning of 2014 when the Frigoriferi Milanesi invite its young chefs to move their restaurant here. With a traditional but modern menu, the spearhead is the raw material: zero kilometer and strictly seasonal.
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Modern and pleasant it’s located in the Frigoriferi Milanesi’s Palace. The minimal and classy furnishings are characterized by wooden details. The fireplace warms the atmosphere giving it an almost homey touch. But its industrial soul is never denied.
Overlooking with its windows on Via Piranesi inside it has a few tables, but well spaced.


It was surprising and real class to discover that the chef himself takes care of the orders. But despite his concern, all his effort is thwarted by the rest of the staff. If on the one hand the customer feels pampered with attentions and willingness on the part of the chef. On the other the client finds himself interacting with a cold and angular staff. Among the most annoying behaviors that I found was asking ourselves if we wanted the bill after the starter, as if they were in a hurry to send us away. Or at the time of payment point out, a little too haughtily, that we were using a discount The Fork.


A praise to traditional dishes, but presented in a modern way and with a symphony of excellent taste.
The menu isn’t very wide, but the elaborate proposals are presented in an artistic way. Although the proportions are not exactly abundant.
Note on the ingredients, all of the highest quality and most from slow food presidia.


$ 165,12 for three people for:
– fish tartare caught with rocket, salicornia, passion fruit and wild rocket $ 14
– raw and cooked seafood salad with vegetables and green sauce $ 14
– Milanese crispy risotto with squid, artichokes and herb and lemon sauce $ 14
– guinea fowl and chestnut ravioli with its sauce, puntarelle and lemon scent $ 14
– Vicentina cod, puffed polenta and seasonal vegetables sautéed in oil $ 19
– iced chantilly with citrus crunch, almond sauce and coffee powder $ 8
– panettone sheet $ 8
– Sacher raspberries and rum sauce $ 8
– 2 espresso coffee
– 3 glasses of red wine
– water
– covered and service $ 2,90

“Cucina dei Frigoriferi Milanesi”
Via Giovanni Battista Piranesi 10
20137 Milan
Price: $$$$

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The following article refers to an exit made before to the Coronavirus emergency. It aims to be for information purposes only for the future. #istayathome

33 thoughts on “La Cucina dei Frigoriferi Milanesi: where tradition and modernity meet

  1. The ambiance of the restaurant sounds really down to earth. The chef sounds really vested in providing the best experience. sounds like a place I’d like to check out.

  2. I loved the food in Milan. I was shocked at the quality of the ingredients and dishes. The Milanese risotto sounds fab. I think I’ll have to visit once this quarantine is over. I could so use some Milanese food.

  3. Looks like a must visit place✅ I really hope we go back to travelling again soon, so I can visit these amazing restaurants and food places to try new cuisines.

  4. It’s unfortunate when the staff bring down the otherwise positive atmosphere in a place like this. The food looks incredible. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

  5. It looks a lovely restaurant and I bet you can’t wait for all this to be over, so you can go and visit again. It was a good price for the three of you. Mich x

  6. Wow, you enjoyed such an interesting variety of tastes and textures there! I’m not sure I would naturally choose such dishes, but I should remind myself to give such things a try!

  7. Wow!
    That’s an expensive looking meal. I’m sure it worths every penny. Love you pictures, they’re beautiful and lively.

  8. Everything looks so mouth watering delicious! I would admit I think it is a little on the pricey side, but I guess it is all worth it

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