Jeans ispiring outfits

Jeans Mania. That is for a casual chic outfit, street style or minimal, there is no limit to inspiration. Directly from the Burberry, Iceberg and Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer fashion shows, here are three ideas to copy. Discover the outfits!

Burberry. A casual chic idea very easy to copy with camel shades perfect for this season. A foulard in the hair for a soft and elegant tail and a small variant: men’s shoes rather than an heel boot.

Iceberg. A minimal idea that I adapted by turning over the jeans and using a pair of light colors. White shirt, throat scarf and white sneakers to keep up style while remaining comfortable.

Jeremy Scott. A street style idea stolen from men’s fashion, but perfectly adaptable to women’s. Jeans, sweatshirt and a beautiful flannel shirt (of any color) tight at the waist. In my variant I wear sneakers instead of rubber boots, but the inspiration always comes from the same fashion show (women’s fashion) where the models wore sneakers (not monochrome).

17 thoughts on “Jeans ispiring outfits

  1. Jeans are so popular right now, especially with my teenager. Mom jeans is so in here in Southern Cali.

  2. Love your takes on the outfits. My favorite has to be the camel shade! I really like how you took the streetwear and made it more trendy.

  3. You brought these fashions to life in the runway inspired looks. It’s a great reminder that you can make those expensive looks obtainable.

  4. The outfits are absolutely amazing. It’s diverse, trendy and neck turners. Jeans will always be part of a good outfit.

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