January Vibes 2020


House of X” – Jonathan Hickman
After a long time I go back to reading the X-Men when by now in Marvel I had abandoned them for the Avengers.
The intro quotes “Humans of the planet Earth. While you slept, the world has changed” and with this the miniseries promises well and above all I hope it can mean, finally, for the X-Men the beginning of a new era of comics with interesting stories, after years of darkness and in my opinion storylines that have strayed far from what mutants always have meaning and symbolized within Marvel.


For my bedroom restyling!
I have already created the project with which I want to modernize the room, creating a balance between the studio/bedroom, being in fact both for me.
In the meantime I have already purchased the organizer for the desk and the beauty one that I placed in one of the shelves, but the work is still long:
-I need two boxes to organize various things that I have scattered around;
-I have to buy two drawers to replace the my old and broken shoe rack;
-various frames to create the wall of the paintings and finally create the Funko Pop part to exhibit and tidy up my rich and numerous collection!


Since my mom was hospitalized at the end of September, I have put aside this important aspect of my life and now I have been back for about two weeks.
The road is still long, but I want to find my physical shape, my energy and my endurance. These are my perfect January Vibes!


Marvel’s Runaways!
This TV series is over and I’m devastated. Runaways is the classic story you don’t expect, it’s a teaching for parents not to waste the opportunity to be such, but also to the kids to have the courage to oppose what they consider wrong and immoral, even at the cost of their youth.


I couldn’t longer be proud of a role-playing game (by forum) created in 2011 and which through various modifications today presents itself as an original and deep graft of Sailor Moon and Assassin’s Creed. We are currently playing the 4th season and we already have plans until the 6th and I couldn’t be more proud. My players are incredible friends and invaluable travel companions!

Want to share your January Vibes? Comment on the blog post! And if you are curious to discover other inspirations, ideas, and currently mood check here!

Photos © Kevin Wada

24 thoughts on “January Vibes 2020

  1. I will have to check out Marvel’s Runaways. It sounds like a show I’d enjoy. Good luck with your bedroom remodel!

    1. Although I love Marvel and read it as well as seeing its TV Shows and Movies, I admit that I didn’t know Runaways, I saw the TV series and I fell in love with it so much that I even bought comics! It is a TV series suitable for everyone, all ages and in my opinion it is underestimated. I hope it will be saved is fantastic!!! Gorgeous!!!

  2. It seems you’ve got lots of plans for January 2020! For me it’s busy mainly because of my work. I’ll be decorating my new flat later this year! Can’t wait for that! 🙂

  3. January can be a tough month for many people, myself included. Winter where I live is very dark and snowy so it is nice to have things to work on. I am thinking on redoing my bedroom too, and of course, adding some working out to my routine.

  4. Great list of things to tackle this month and a good start to the new year! I have to get back into a routine myself but I’m just not feeling it lately which is slightly discouraging when I see how enthusiastic everyone else is around me. But I have to pull myself out of this slump and just do it!

  5. I understand you know? I have always been like this too and this has always discouraged me, especially at the beginning of the year. But I started coaching for a few months and I have to say that my way of dealing with goals or desires has changed, now that I think about it I didn’t even notice… hihihi

  6. Hope your mom is doing better now, Cristina. For me January is the best time to put up a new resolution i.e. to learn a new programming language 😀

  7. 2020 is shaping up to be an extremely busy year for me, but I’m pretty excited about it! I hope that January goes smoothly for us both! I”m not too up to speed with teh marvel universe but seems like so much interesting stuff!

  8. Sounds like you’ll have a great January! I hope you’ll share your bedroom photos with us too when the restyling is done. I have to check out the “House of X” as I really like X-Men.

  9. You sure have your January well planned out. I am still trying to catch up with stuff around the house. The holidays was fun – now it is back to reality for me. Deadlines, organizing, and putting things back in place. Maybe February will be a little easier on me.

  10. You have an incredible list of exciting stuff in front of you. Reading and getting your head into exercise caught my attention. Wish you the best of luck dear!

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