«The color that I have always indicated as my favorite is green and in a certain sense something of my personality is in this color, hope and perseverance for example. But in recent times I have heard a call with the color pink, is that of my name, but also that of the ability to give and receive love. I feel I still have a lot to give»

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When I contacted Rosa for the first time, she was excited and a little incredulous at my request to be able to interview her, but immediately she said to me: «Thanks Cristina for choosing me, you don’t know how happy I am to be part of your world in some way And how honored I am to be your first interview».
In her words there is her usual enthusiasm and delicacy of an artist who speaks straight to the heart.
This is the reason why this column was born. Bringing the “beauty” of life to you readers. Seeing and experiencing it beyond what is visibly tangible, exploring it in people’s soul and drawing from it shades of art, creativity or uniqueness that can inspire us.

Shades of Pink: Rose’s Creation

Rosa Ingenito through Rose’s Creation takes us to her childhood dream where: living on drawings, telling stories, and helping. She who saw her artistic path born from the disillusionment faced with the many challenges of life and transformed it into the engine of her art.
At the beginning it was sought for simple graphic requests for blogs and social networks, but gradually its creations have increasingly attracted the public who followed it and that the personalized designs, for t-shirts, cups, things you can take with you even to the outside the virtual world. Things people could identify with because they talked about them and because they were unique. This is how her shop on Etsy was born, with the desire to tell his story, help others and let off steam her passion for art.
This is how if someone who asks “what are you doing?”, It’s sweet to answer that everything she creates is part of a story to tell, a story that comes to life through images and symbols.


«At first glance I would say “Harry Potter”, it’s definitely the book (it’s a saga but I would not know how to split them in this context) that most of all managed to get into me, not because it talks about magic and fantastic creatures (which , I love it since I was a child) but for the message it conveys, of love, determination and kindness. Kindness will save the world, I’m convinced. It’s the book of different stages of my life also because I was there waiting for the release of the next, I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione, I cried with them, I smiled and found many aspects of my being, not in a single character, but in small nuances that characterize some and then, as those who know me say, I am a hufflepuff in everything is for everything.
I know you only asked me for one book but if I also think about my art I add “Big Magic”. Yes! Still magic, but this doesn’t speak of magic or rather not of that magic that is studied at Hogwarts, speaks of creativity and the importance of living a creative life. I love Elizabeth Gilbert (the writer) and I reflect a lot in her many thoughts. For example, Liz believes that creativity isn’t an innate quality with which only a few lucky individuals are gifted, and I agree. She believes that “we are all itinerant custodians of buried treasures”. “Big Magic” came at the right time, when I was full of doubts, uncertainties about my creative future and thought of giving up everything. Liz sent me back on the right path. So yes, I would say that the two magical women for my path are J.K. Rowling and Elizabeth Gilbert».


«For many things! I have many projects, personal but also for Rose. What most of all I dream of seeing done in the short term is the degree in architecture, which among many ups and downs and the desire to let go is reaching its goal».


«Well, what am I doing? A lot of things, maybe too many. Which is also in my personality, I can’t stay without doing anything. I always have to create something, I’m a bit like a blender full of ideas, most of Sometimes I can’t even bring these ideas to life and that’s why I write everything down, I have paper everywhere (maybe it’s just an excuse to have even more stationery, my mania for a long time), scattered notes, thoughts, because if that ever came when the blender turns off, I know where to start to get the power back. The beauty of a creative job like mine is that if you have a moment of little inspiration to create, you also have many other things to deal with, less such as cutting paper stacks, binding or even keeping the shop or website tidy, taking inventory, and so on. Often doing things like this, more practical, help me clear my mind and bring back the inspiration and the desire to create. And in this moment I’m really creating many things, not for the near future but several projects are in the pipeline that will see the light in a while. Among these there is one that I have probably always dreamed of and that speaks of illustrations, poetry and music. But I can’t reveal anything to you yet. I just say that there is all of myself, there are stories and it’s dedicated to women. And it’s also a new thing for me. Yes, I’m super mysterious… But who knows if you guess what I’m talking about».


«This is difficult, I feel an affinity with Alice the protagonist of “Alice in Wonderland” or with Margaret Keane of “Big Eyes”, both films directed by Tim Burton oddly, or with Piper Halliwell from the TV series “Charmed”, the series of my heart seen countless times, it will always remain my favorite TV series, the one par excellence. Each of them has something in which I reflect myself; Alice, with her head in the clouds but so determined to achieve her dreams, is an independent spirit, but she feels trapped in the narrow visions and expectations of other people. Margaret also seeks her place in the world, she is “a creative who speaks little and can not defend herself in words. But she just has to paint.” Piper, on the other hand, is so shy initially, insecure , she specifies, with a high sense of duty and respect for the rules. Her desire is to have her own business, to live a full life thanks to her passions with the people she loves. Her being a witch and the events of life changes her a lot, she transforms into a self-confident woman, aware of her abilities, without ever losing her heart and infinite goodness.
I see myself very much in these three women».


«I love art, creativity and simple things, I believe that small things are the ones that matter most. I love drawing, I’m repetitive, I know, I love music, the real one, which makes your heart beat faster. I love reading and I love to give gifts. I’m happy when, with my passions, I can make someone’s day better or simply give a smile».

Photos ©Rosa Ingenito

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