«Green is a color full of nuances like its meaning.
Green, in man, instills calm, in his aura it represents energy. It’s the color par excellence of fertility and abundance, but in our case it’s connected most of all to the Heart Chakra. A pure love, the feelings that are released in every investigation we are going to carry out, and not only, even in our staff is a color that represents us in all its nuances.»

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Choosing to interview Fabio and Vanessa was a simple choice. Natural and spontaneous.
I follow their work with the same passion with which they do it. A vocation which, together with Andrea Tassiello, they carry on with dedication and professionalism.
The world of the paranormal has never been so interesting and responsible since the PDU deals with it, gradually gaining more and more credibility inside and outside Italy. An ardor ready to overwhelm us.

Shades of Green: PDU

Fabio Tavaglione and Vanessa Lindiri are a couple in life, as they are married, as in pursuing a common passion: that of the paranormal. The PDU is born.
The acronym chosen wants to summarize the principles on which their philosophy from Ghost Hunters is based.
Paranormal: to indicate the search for everything that cannot be explained rationally, objectively and in the absence of prejudices.
Detection: the investigation. The discovery, revelation and location of what has not yet been discovered or which has no real meaning.
Unit: simply the union that binds its founders: Fabio and Vanessa. A couple in constant search for knowledge and those real tests they are looking for.



«It’s really difficult to connect a book with what we do or which can somehow represent our world, but everything starts from the mind, and from the energies that we transmit. But what comes closest to our world are the books written by Rhonda Byrne . “The Secret” , talks about the so-called “law of attraction” . This book is inspired by the principles of New Thought , for the uninitiated it’s a heterogeneous set of organizations, churches, writers, philosophers and thinkers… All that can serve with that that we do. But it always becomes a matter of Energies, in this world everything is a magnet, everything is marked above all in objectives of spiritual rather than material goods. All these principles can also be used when a paranormal investigation is carried out, because it’s what binds the invisible to the visible more.
Obviously the writer didn’t stop only at the book “The Secret” , you can also find “The Power” , “The Magic” and “Hero” , but we leave them to you to discover…».


«For all projects related to what we do. There are many, but among them there is this tool designed entirely by us, currently under development before the official presentation. It has already been a goal for us to get where we are now, but when this tool is ready, we hope it will bring about important changes in the context of the paranormal».


«We are people who like to follow their dreams and who until now have achieved very important goals in their private life. While we are still growing in the world of the paranormal, every discovery is a victory, every paranormal anomaly that we are able to capture still manages to shiver, because it’s a passion that fascinates us from an early age, it’s a very topic thin but also very strong overall. We fight every day with skeptics or with people who denigrate this topic, but we are the first to have an open mind on what we do and every time it always manages to amaze us».


«Nowadays, there are many films related to what we do! I’d say pretty much all paranormal-based horror films could give an idea of ​​what we do. Many say that we are the new couple Warren , Ed and Lorraine , we say that their stories and films based on their experiences may be very close to our work, although perhaps a little too exploited cinematically. But a TV series that instead can make you feel and see better what we do is “Paranormal Lockdown” , also in search of real evidence on the existence of the paranormal».


«There is no better engine than being one another’s strength. We are united not only in marriage, but also in what we do. We are always on the same wave. Yes, sometimes it happens to be in conflict, but our secret is to mix our thoughts and make it something unique. What we have created is the passion that unites us from the beginning, together we have exchanged knowledge thus increasing our knowledge. We have studied on the basis of the same and on the theories that the human mind has created in all these years. But perhaps there is something that differentiates us most of all, to date there are many groups that open a Youtube channel and improvise themselves as Ghost Hunters, but not all of them do it for personal reasons, but only for “fame”. For us all this is a challenge, it’s a real personal matter because we believe in what we do, we believe in the paranormal and that after death there is another world still really unknown to life».

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