«In this season of life, the colours I’ve found myself gravitating towards the most are various shades of brown and beige. Perhaps sprinkled with a touch of green, like a tree. Brown, to me, is a colour you can’t go wrong with. It’s neutral, it’s natural, it goes with everything. It’s peaceful and grounded, calm but rich at the same time»

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When I first came across Lucy Kyselica’s works it’s because I was looking for something vintage. Loving the past, history and others over the centuries I hoped to be able to meet some girl who not only happened to excite with this topic, but who represented herself. Loepsie is this. It’s art, it’s culture, it’s beauty. A natural gift, an innate elegance that spontaneously and genuinely tells the beauty of vintage as a lifestyle and not a whim of the moment.

Shades of Brown: Loepsie

Lucy is a content creator who lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend and mischievous rats.
Her manages a YouTube channel, a blog and an Instagram page where her shares beauty content on topics such as hairstyles, historical beauty and slow living. She likes to offer an alternative approach to beauty and lifestyle content, giving space to individuality, calm and nature.


«If I were a book, I imagine I’d be a Jane Austen novel. A gentle tale set in the English countryside, full of youth, excitement, love, and heroines who carefully stretch the social boundaries of their community. I always feel very “at home” in Austen novels for some reason, it’s a world I really enjoy escaping into».


«I recently took a deep-dive into the world of sewing, and it has offered me a level of excitement I haven’t felt since I was a teenager. Discovering a new hobby and immersing yourself in it completely is such a wonderful feeling! I’ve made myself several dresses now, a jumpsuit, and a beautiful fantasy-style cloak with a long, pointy hood. There’s so much to learn about dressmaking and fashion design and I just can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to create in a few years time. My goal is to fill my wardrobe with mostly handmade pieces, so that everything from cuts to colours and textures is exactly how I want it. I started uploading the occasional sewing video to my YouTube channel as well because I just couldn’t contain my excitement, and I’m so glad to see my viewers enjoy following along with my journey!».


«I’m a creator, in the broadest sense. I’m always making something, and I love creating beauty. Not a day goes by when I don’t feel the urge to make something, whether it’s knitwear, art, a photograph, a hairstyle, a dress, a delicious home-cooked meal, a written story or a styled bookshelf».


«I absolutely love losing myself in a good fantasy world. “The Lord of the Rings” has had a huge influence in my life. I definitely feel that it has shaped me, and it’s something I keep coming back to time and time again. More recently, I got completely hooked on “Game of Thrones”, although I’m desperately waiting for the last few books to come out and repair the damage that was done to the story in the last few seasons of the TV series.
Another genre I greatly enjoy is the costume drama, which I’m sure won’t come as a surprise. There’s something very appealing about the romanticized views of the past that are often presented in those films, along with the gorgeous costumes and hairstyles that the creative team treats us to. Although I also like the more raw and brutal type of historical film that has been popular lately. I greatly enjoy “Peaky Blinders” (who doesn’t?), “The Dutchess”, “Taboo”, “Memoirs of a Geisha”, and “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”».


«Nothing grounds me and fills me with life energy like nature does. I love going on long hikes through hills and mountains, camping in a little tent after a simple, fire-cooked meal, and basking in the vastness, quiet and simultaneously business and noise of it all. Being among the trees makes me feel connected to the world and appreciate all the beauty it has to offer. It also greatly helps to put all your problems into perspective. I really hope we’ll be able to explore some nature safely this summer.
In day to day life, I’m happiest when life is uncomplicated, I’m surrounded by my loved ones and pets, and I’m able to create succesfully. Give me a peaceful, quiet life with plenty of tea and I’ll be quite content».

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