«My favorite color is blue! On the one hand, because I find it calming and relaxing. On the other hand, because it represents for me the color of the dreams, and of the travel of the soul and the body (it’s the color of the sky and of the sea)»

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The journey can be a wonderful story, created by shades of emotions and wonders that enchant the soul. But it depends who does it as she tells it and with how much passion and beauty she manages to convey the same. Meeting, by chance, and then getting to know Ophélie through her Instagram account was exactly like finding that oasis in the desert that I was looking for so much. Interviewing her, therefore, was a must.

Shades of Blue: Limitless Secret

Ophélie is a French travel blogger. She live in Paris, a city that she love! Ophélie share her passion for photography and travel via her Instagram and Blog.
Her purpose is make people dream about destinations or places! But she also love to help people, therefore she share her best addresses all around the world and her travel and lifestyle tips in her blog! She is a foodista as well and she is always chasing the best places to eat (in Paris or in the cities she visit), so you can find a lot of recommendations for restaurants and cafes on her website!


«I have been deeply positively impacted by the book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. This American writer and lecturer is sharing 30 effective ways to gain friendship and leadership by showing a sincere interest in others. Although this book was written in 1936, all the tips are still relevant, and applying them in my daily life allowed me to build a real community!».


«The current context of the pandemic is deeply impacting the travel world. Therefore, it’s hard to plan anything at the moment. Those days I am focusing on building my blog credibility and community by writing more articles and sharing my work on Pinterest. I have launched my website in September 2019 and started using Pinterest at the same time, so there is still a lot of things for me to learn, and a lot of possibilities to grow! Of course, I keep on sharing my photography on Instagram, as this is my main platform. I hope all of this will lead me to new opportunities in the future!».


«I used to work in sales and B2B marketing for 12 years. But I decided to quit the corporate world 2 years ago and to focus on my passions: travel, photography, discovering new places and sharing them with others. I love to communicate and meet like-minded people from all over the world. This became easier thanks to the community I am building on my Instagram and with my blog! In parallel I am also training people to improve their leadership, their communication skills and their public speaking skills with the Dale Carnegie Training Company in Paris (it’s a global training company with franchises all over the world). I mentioned the book as a life changer for me, and I am glad to be able to share its values and what it taught me with other people.
Another passion that I have is numerology, a science that studies the energy behind each number. Our date of birth and our name encapsulate a lot of information about who we are and the challenges in our life. Numerology helped me understand myself better and gave me some insights about my journey in life. I love to practice it with my friends that are interested. It’s always amazing to see how accurate it is!».


«I am watching a lot of TV series and movies! There is no specific genre I prefer: I can watch comedy, thriller, action, drama, biopic, fantastic, historical, informational… I am very open-minded! Because I love to learn new stuffs, some of my favorite series are the ones that include some cultural or social insights about a specific culture. For example, I am thinking about “Unorthodox”, a series that I watched recently and taught me a lot about the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community».


«I am a people-oriented person and I love to help others! When I am coaching people, something that I find very fulfilling is to help them realize all the capacities that they have, and they were ignoring.
When I see the participants start to use their gifts and talents and become more confident it’s such a pleasure for me! Also, when I am sharing a good address with someone and that person is thanking me afterwards because she/he loved it, this makes me very happy! I hope I can inspire people to travel and discover the world as well!».

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