«Each color represents a different ability, sensitivity, way of doing and seeing. My belief could be green, not only because it’s my favorite, as it can be alive and bright or deeper in some of its nuances: I think this is the aspect that can best represent me, I have never been “monochrome”, there are different aspects of me, different passions, different ideas»

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As a collector of Funko Pop as I’m, I couldn’t avoid interviewing Elisa, whom I have been following for some time, sharing the same passion with her. I love her videos and stories related to this wonderful world.
I will always remember the first video I saw and it was the one where Elisa told her 100 Pops, a figure that has just been reached, with enthusiasm and passion and I looked at them wondering when I would be successful in the venture. Today I did it, exceeding this threshold, while she is already over 550 and isn’t willing to stop!

Shades of Green: Funko Pop Italian Adventures

Elisa started this project in 2015 with the aim of sharing the passion for Funko products with other Italian collectors.
To date it’s a reality that ranges from videos on the channel to the daily update of news and content in the various social networks that has become a meeting point for fans of the genre.

New York Comic Con


«More than a book I would definitely be a genre or fantasy, here too my favorite of all, because it’s a literary typology from which you can expect an articulated lore, to be explored, a bit like my world I would say. It’s made up of many things, many different from each other, from my passions (collecting, video games, role-playing games, films, TV series, books).
If we want to bother a great classic, which I love very much, we can take Frodo of the “Lord of the Rings” who finds himself, in spite of himself, discovering a world he doesn’t know: here, my vision of the world could be described like this, a continuous journey to discover what I don’t know, a constant exploration regardless of the registry age».


«Given the exceptional times in which I find myself doing this interview, at the moment I would say a return to what we had before, to sharing my passions as usual, as regards collecting and my channels, I would say the return to the comic con, to finally be able to go to the events I planned to meet and embrace friends and other collectors again!».


«I can say with certainty that what defines me is the constant desire to discover new things, which I don’t know: places, cities, countries, cultures, books, video games, people, films, TV series, artists, there is always something to learn out there!
Collecting has always had a certain charm on me. In Funko Pop I definitely found the ideal object for me, with which to vent my passion, sharing it with other collectors, hunting for new and rarer pieces.
In my channels I speak mainly of Funko Pop and those who follow me now know my collection, which are the pieces I love most, but they also know my other passions!
I always struggle to identify myself in one, I have always had several, for those who don’t know me I could describe myself like this: I’m a 32 year old girl, nerd since not suspicious times, one who went to school with the “Lord of the Rings” in the backpack and that night played role online, just to understand. Growing up, among the boring things as adults, I have never set aside the whole world of fantasy, video games, books, films, the “fantastic” component for me has always been an escape, an opportunity to meet people like me, the possibility of getting lost in wonderful worlds where everything is possible; whether it’s exploring the fantastic world of a video game, witnessing the adventures of a hero in a book, seeing the story of the protagonist of a film, I’m always ready to leave for unknown places!».


«If you are a nerd you are already on the right path, you can choose the fantasy or science fiction world you prefer: from “Harry Potter” to the world of Tolkien, from “Star Wars” to “Star Trek”, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to robots. Whether you go to Hogwarts, in Middle-earth, on Tattooine or on the USS Voyager you will find me there!
Don’t forget the filmography of the Ghibli studio, another great love of mine, in particular “Howl’s Moving Castle” is what I carry in my heart.
Another program that you can watch to enter my world is definitely “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, discovered for some years thanks to some friends, that of the Drag Queen is a reality that I learned and know and love, an unforgettable experience of this 2020 was go to London’s “Rupaul’s Dragcon UK”, an event characterized by inclusiveness, “be kind”, “love is love”, where you can freely be yourself without fear of judgment, an event that I recommend to everyone!».


«The discovery. That it’s a fantasy world that I already know but that I deepen, that it’s a new thing that I feel for the first time, the discovery is what makes me happy.
For many it may seem trivial, but I love to go into fantastic worlds, explore them, learn new things, make them mine and feel at home when I come back.
What makes me happy are often the little things, a book, a comic book, a Pop, a video game, a movie, people with whom to share my passions».

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