Innovia, cute look with the snail slime

The history of Innovia Laboratories

The best of natural cosmetics goes to Innovia Laboratoires, a professional aesthetic that puts at the base of all its products the best plant extracts from flowers, leaves, roots, fruits and algae to best express their benefits.
The brand boasts a VEGANOK certification which guarantees that within its products there is no raw material of animal origin beyond an ethical regulation that also prohibits mistreatment.
A line of “skin-friendly” products without parabens, SLS, SLES, artificial colors, vaseline and nickel tested.

Innovia Laboratoires

Eye and lips cream

Contour eyes and lips with snail slime and hyaluronic acid – 38,40 $
This cream is a synergy between hyaluronic acid and snail slime to ensure a regenerating, revitalizing and anti-aging action.
Minimizes bags under the eyes, dark circles and fine lines and is suitable for all skin types.
Its compact but easily spreadable consistency makes it possible to use a small piece of product for maximum yield.
Once on the face for the first ten seconds it gave me a slight tingling sensation that then immediately disappeared.
It is quickly absorbed and from the first application the skin is immediately plumped and firmed.
I recorded the best result under my eyes, suffering from dark circles, as the skin was deflated and pink, giving a rested and awake look.
Rating 5/5


From a careful analysis the INCI is really very natural and green with numerous plant extracts such as from olives, grapes or aloe for far only examples, in addition to the presence of argan oil and jojoba.
The snail slime is interesting, 100% Italian and specific to the Lucanian Apennines where cultivation takes place in conditions of adequate temperature and humidity for the nails that does not affect the well-being of the same.
However, two ingredients that can be classified as having a great environmental impact, such as:
ceteareth-12 = 12 molecules of ethylene oxide derived from petroleum;
ppg-3 benzyl ether myristate = a plasticizing silicone.
Are they needed in an otherwise perfect product?

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Update October 14, 2019: I asked the brand for clarification about my doubts about the ingredients I reported as negative and in fact I was confirmed that although they are not of natural origin, they are approved and safe. I actually understand that due to the type of product and where to apply it requires nourishing, but light products.

14 thoughts on “Innovia, cute look with the snail slime

  1. I was searching for some products for my dark circle and puffy eyes. These cremes sounds good .I will definitely check them out. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’ve always been a fan of argan oil and oooh snail slime, so interesting.. never tried that yet. But I do really need to try some new skin cream products to cover up my dark circles too. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I’ve never heard of this particular brand. However, I respect them for taking care of the high quality of their products. I’d like to check them out! 🙂

  4. I didn’t notice the beauty products. What I noticed were the earrings! I love earrings and I have a whole lot of collection from different countries. Will write about them soon. 🙂

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