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I see white: boho trends


I see white. Between lace and sangallo, the new season is preparing to be a real apotheosis for the boho style.
An elegant and playful mix of styles that passing from the Far West, to the hippy movement up to the ethnic style, allows each woman to bring out the most creative part of herself.
An original and personal way of being, where the white color stands out in its most chaste aspect. Pure, ethereal and always enchanting, this color lays bare the soul and reconnects it to the lunar energies.
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Boho Treasures of Nature Shop

The price of these tops is € 70 including shipping costs (Europe & USA).
Among the other handcrafted pieces that Maria Teresa Castro makes are: wool coats, scarves, ponchos, bags and flower crowns.

All White

The Spring/Summer 2020 fashion shows are a constant reference to this style. From Alexander McQueen’s chic suits to Etro’s country combinations. From Loewe’s innocent clothes to Ryan Lo’s cheeky matching. Everyone has their own way and game of wearing this style. What’s your?

Between lace and embroidery

Maria Teresa Castro’s collection brings together all this inspiration to give it its own interpretation. A mordern witch who makes her simplicity and contact with nature the very essence of her style. All clothes are 100% cotton and hand-embroidered. In them there is a wealth of details, love and a great desire to offer those who buy it a unique and special item. I didn’t miss the opportunity and here I am wearing three models, among the many you can choose from. What is your favorite?

The photoshoot of the following article was made before the Coronavirus emergency. #istayathome

26 thoughts on “I see white: boho trends

  1. I LOVE the look of white but I am always so reluctant to add it into my own wardrobe. Between muddy puppy paws and my own clumsiness, I don’t see myself keeping it clean for very long lol

  2. I absolutely love the Boho trend myself and love all 3 tops you have on at the top. Very nice and you are making me eat to go and pick one up for myself…. checking them out now 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  3. White is always a great fashion color especially for spring and summer. I like the tops with little dainty designs. I am going to look for some new Boho outfits too!

  4. I never wore anything like this unless it’s a themed party and everyone else is required to wear something. Thanks for sharing the styles! I love it!

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