Hydrolates & Silicones: Cross and Delight

Browsing between ingredients and labels on sight

The importance of understanding an INCI has a significant impact on the cosmetic products we intend to purchase. Knowing how to read a label will certainly avoid unwise or harmful choices for our skin and health. Here, therefore, that understanding which ingredients to discover and which to avoid becomes a top priority when shopping.
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Discovering the Hydrolates

Among the ingredients to be discovered, with pleasure and interest, it’s possible to find hydrolates (or aromatic waters). These are obtained by the distillation of fresh plants through steam. This process ensures that all the properties of the plant are maintained, although the percentage of active principle remains very low. Due to their delicacy, it’s an ingredient that is usually used for making lotions, creams, etc…
The slightly acid PH that characterizes them makes them very versatile, as well as perfect for sebum regulation and pore shrinkage.


Retinol and Jasmine Collection by Pixi

The best example of the presence of hydrolates, mainly jasmine in this case, is found in the Pixi collection dedicated to the renewal and rejuvenation of the skin.
1) CLEANING Retinol Jasmine Cleanser: with anti-inflammatory properties, due to jasmine oil, it retains the moisture of the skin;
2) TONE Retinol Tonic: chamomile calms and reduces redness. While elderflower makes the skin softer and more luminous;
3) TREAT Jasmin Oil Blend (morning) and Overnight Retinol Oil (evening): primrose stimulates blood circulation and grape seeds nourish the skin of the face (morning). While peptides make the revitalized and toned itself (evening);
4) HYDRATE Retinol Jasmine Lotion: with retinol to redefine the face and jasmine oil to nourish the skin;
5) NOURISH Retinol Eye Cream: with caffeine to wake up the eyes and soften dark circles.


Avoiding Silicones

Above all, the ingredients to avoid are silicones. These are very often used to avoid dehydration of skin and hair, but this feature is only apparently positive.
Acting like a film that wraps the same, it actually prevents it prevents normal oxygenation and hydration.
Over time they become like limestone for our pores thus causing the appearance of pimples, blackheads or millet grains on the skin. While the hair will be heavy, dull and dirty.


Silicones: how to recognize and avoid them

There are various wordings for silicones inside the cosmetics, here is a short guide to recognize them:
– often report suffixes such as -thicone, -xiloxane, -silanoil;
cyclohexasiloxane, cyclomethicone or cyclopentasiloxane. Are some of the names of cyclic silicones. These have a lighter formula and a less strong occlusive power;
dimethicone, dimethiconol, cetyl dimethicone, amodimethicone or dimethicone copolyol. Are among the most used and the most harmful silicones.

Notino Collection

This selection don’t contain silicones. Are the best alternatives to bet on.
Let’s start with Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed. A mask for dyed hair that guarantees a longer color duration, without compromising the hydration of the hair.
Focusing on the face we start with the mask Mad Beauty Disney Princess Jasmine. With green tea extract to deeply nourish the skin and leave it silky to the touch.
We continue with the toothpaste Splat Professional Aromatherapy. Which takes care of the gums in a gentle way. It limits the formation of caries and prevents that of tartar.
Headlights focused on the eyes with the eyeshadow palette NYX Professional Makeup Foil Play Love Lust Disco. Offers 6 colors with intense pigmentation and with a metallic effect.
We conclude with the shea butter cocoa butter of EOS Toasted Marshmallow. Which repairs chapped lips leaving them smooth and hydrated.

How much did you know about Hydrolates and Silicones? Do you use some products that contain them? Of these which is your favorite?
Small honorable mention to the Yankee Candle . It is my opinion that should never be missing in any house, both for their formulation and for their fragrances. Even better if combined with your mood or season.

INCI Legend

EOS Toasted Marshmallow 💚
Splat Professional Aromatherapy 💚💛❤️
Mad Beauty Disney Princess Jasmine 💚💛❤️
NYX Professional Makeup Foil Play Love Lust Disco 💛
Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed 💚💛
Retinol Tonic 💚❤️
Jasmine Oil Blend / Overnight Retinol Oil 💚💚💛
Retinol Jasmine Lotion 💚💚
Retinol Eye Cream 💚💚💛❤️
Yankee Candle 💚

22 thoughts on “Hydrolates & Silicones: Cross and Delight

  1. I try not to use products with ingredients that could have me in the long term.
    I am curious if Pixi beauty products will work on my skin type and needs. 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of this to be fully honest!!! I just flipped your post to my friend Alice, I know she’d appreciate the review, thank you.

  3. Thanks so much for the information. Whenever I shop for skin care products, my husband always reminds me to check the ingredient list first. He said “if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, then it is probably not for you to use.” That always rings a bell in my head everytime I shop around for facial skin are brands.

  4. I love how you’ve set these up and photographed them. It’s such a gorgeous wee scene. I’ve never really used hydrosols but I honestly think I really need to. My skin is so dry.

  5. I’ve become a big fan of hydrosols recently, especially now that I am living in a drier climate. I’ve had my eye on a few of these products by PIXI.

  6. I am very cautious about what product I use, so Im glad to see you share silicone free products! the Jasmine lotion looks awesome, I will look out for that for sure

  7. I find it crazy how many products contain silicone…it just seems so wrong to me! Love the ranges you have featured here especially the retinol jasmine lotion which sounds amazing.

  8. Thanks for all the tips! I am guilty of not reading the labels on beauty products. I should always do my research first before getting one next time.

  9. Awesome guide, it is really important to know what’s going on your skin. I’ve heard that silicones can mess up your complexion but not to this extent. Great information, thank you for sharing <3

  10. Before using any of product one should always be aware of the benefits and disadvantages that product may cause..these products seems to be very effective and helpful to keep your skin moisturized and healthy..Great information….

  11. This is so important we often are careful with what we put inside our bodies but we have to be careful for what we put on our bodies. Just because it can affect us as well. I didn’t know that we have to look up for those names to see what is good or not on our skin care products.

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