Historical Museum of the Firefighters of Milan

Memorabilia, memories and history of the most loved body in the world: the Firefighters. A place of wonder and memory where you can retrace the 213 years of the body and rediscover in their deeds their goodness of mind and loyalty towards uniform, something that is perfectly reflected in the care of the museum and in the enthusiasm of telling the audience.

vigili di fuoco

It’s thanks to MuseoCity, a non-profit association with the mission of bringing museums closer to the people and that every year in March organizes a major event that involves the whole city, which the Historical Museum of Firefighters opens its doors by adhering to the first time to the project. This has allowed, to enthusiasts and not, to discover a fascinating private treasure and that traces, through the story of the body, the course of the history of Italy. Inside the museum you can “touch” what the Firefighters has been and continues to be: from work tools to means of transport, from uniforms to communication devices and everything that runs parallel to this body in a parallel and collateral way. From the health assistance service (active until the early 1900s) to the gymnastic body (of which the Milan Sports Group is dedicated to Carlo Galimberti, award-winning firefighter and Olympic winner who lost his life heroically in the performance of duty), up to all specializations from divers to the SAF or from the airport group to the NBCR.

Undoubtedly a historical and cultural immersion in a body so loved as little recognized where the firmness of spirit is equal to that of ancient medieval knights who made honor, courage, loyalty and mercy their fundamental values. So here is that the barracks are transformed into their castle with a self-sufficient village from the shed to the cobbler and the means become their trusted steeds. After all, are not our knights with shimmery guns? Those that when we are in difficulty are always the first to intervene, to have a word for us or to show us the way to resist? The museum in every object, in every word of its ciceroni and in every detail taken care of to perfection transmit the love that these men have for the Firefighters and that the Firefighters has towards its men. An experience full of beauty and emotion that tells true who are these men who every day put their lives at risk for others, as the prayer of Santa Barbara says of them: “A day without risk is not lived, because for us believers death is life, it is light: in the terror of collapses, in the fury of the waters, in the hell of the fires.”

Museo Storico dei Vigili del Fuoco di Milano
Via Messina, 35
20154 Milano
Per info: 02-3190376

32 thoughts on “Historical Museum of the Firefighters of Milan

  1. I love quirky museums like this. Particularly when they celebrate every day heroes that often go unnoticed and are often not celebrated. This also looks like a fantastic learning experience for kids. Very cool museum.

  2. This is really a nice concept of organizing an event every year by bringing museums closer together. Barbara’s quote “A day without risk is not lived” involves such deep thought. Salute to all those heroes who are ever ready for the protection of the citizens.

  3. That sounds really cool! Here in the Philippines, March is Fire Prevention Month so lots of firefighters have a parade and reminders for all to keep safe always.

  4. I love history and would love to visit a museo like this. I’m also trying to learn Italian so I tried to read the Italian sections, I’m so glad you include English sections! I need to work on my lettura 🙂

  5. Cheers to all these men of honour! People who stand up as heroes require such honor. I would just love to be at this museum and appreciate the history.

  6. I would love to visit here! The history of firefighters isn’t something I know much about and would love to learn more.

  7. What a wonderful travel experience. We have a museum of fire in Arizona and my daughters have always loved going to learn about the history and see how the trucks have changed over so many years.

  8. Oh a Firefighter museum! That’s pretty cool actually… we don’t really have any in Sydney but wouldn’t mind going to check it out one day! Those two figures in the photo – are they real people dressed in the official uniforms?

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