Haute Couture Low Cost: The Challenge

Looking at my outfits from the past holidays I realized how each one takes inspiration from haute couture, but has been reworked in an economic key.
The question arises is: it possible to dress haute couture low cost? It’s the challenge that I always launch to satisfy my fashion side on one side and my wallet on the other.
Welcome to my world, I hope with my lookbooks to inspire you and show you how easy it’s to play with fashion while saving!
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What is simpler than a total look? Black is an evergreen color, but you need to know how to enhance it. In this case with a touch of light deriving from the top and with makeup where I played with shades of blue.


It may seem a little austere look, but I admit that I really like the clerical effect in outfits especially when you can play it and I did it wearing underneath a pair of Doctor Martens. And then who doesn’t have a little dress and a black shirt in the closet


This look may not seem to resemble, but in my opinion it can be created with any outstretched dress that has this flared cut with a bell skirt. It’s fun to combine a bon ton dress with punk/rock accessories for an original and effective result.

Three stylists for three very different proposals, which one is your favorite?

19 thoughts on “Haute Couture Low Cost: The Challenge

  1. There are some really cute clothing pieces here, I have a dress that is similar to the one in the third image. Great post!

  2. I wear the colour black more often than any other colour and have done it for years. I’ve found many ways to make it ‘pop’ so to speak from accessories to makeup. But lately, I haven’t really been trying.

    I’ll have to make a mental note to find a way to jazz up my latest black outfit finds.

  3. That Christian Dior look thouuuugh! lol I think there is a misconception that couture should be expensive. This is what happens when there is a lack of understanding on what haute couture means.

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