Harajuku Halloween with Notino

Missing just under 30 days at Halloween, but not too many to start thinking about how to prepare to live it to the fullest!
This year I opted for a Harajuku Halloween in beauty and sweet sauce thanks to a targeted shopping on Notino, while all past collaborations you find them here!
Riding broomsticks now it’s time to discover the products of the month up close!

Nail polish

The neon line of Dermacol it has perfect colors for an electric Halloween, sometimes kawaii, with four super access shades from highlighter yellow to three shades of pink, all to try.
Although I really like the effect on the nail and it stretches well (but you have to give at least 3-4 passes to reach the effect of the photo) it tends to chip and ruin quickly.
Rating 2.5/5


What I love most about this Nyx lipstick is its silky texture. Color matte and very impressively has definitely a long lasting effect, even with the make-up remover I struggled to remove it! Promoted with flying colors and then I love this color, I’ve been looking for it for months!
Valutazione 5/5

Conditioner brightens color

Few use it, but the balm revives color, in this case of Wella, are a real holy hand to prevent the hair from having a discolored and dull appearance.
Also available in brown I found it effective with a natural and not at all fake rendering, excellent for maintaining color between tints.
Rating 4/5


Face mask

The masks I’m Real of Tonymoly
(available in 12 variants) have an INCI not exactly ecobio, as inside they contain preservatives, surfactants and humectants solvents, although the presence of plant extracts is real.
I would avoid the Avocado, Broccoli, Makgeolli, Red Wine, Rice and Seaweed masks because they contain silicones.
Rating 3.5/5

Bubblesheet face mask

The Glam Glow mask it is peculiar in that in contact with damp skin it produces a soft foam that facilitates the removal of any trace of dirt with a deeply purifying and detoxifying effect. Inside it contains activated carbon and bamboo.
Personally I find it discreet, but in all honesty I wouldn’t prefer it to other more effective and cheaper disposable masks.
Rating 3/5

Shower gel

The Yope products are free of PEGs, parabens, silicones, dyes, SLEs and SLSs. In detail the features of this shower gel are:
– removal from impurities
– intensely hydrated
– protection against irritation
– improvement of skin elasticity
With an apparently intense fragrance, it leaves the skin clean and neutral. Nourish and care for the skin while keeping its promises.
Rating 4/5

Do you like this shopping for a Harajuku Halloween?


11 thoughts on “Harajuku Halloween with Notino

  1. We love Halloween and an excuse to play with bold make up. The nail polish was a great colour – shame it chipped easily. And I am a big fan of Wells hair products. I have prompted myself to revive my hair colour now

  2. The Yellow nail polish would be great for summer. I have not tried the NYX lipstick yet and I might give it a try soon. You have some great products in this post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am about to run out of shower gel and said I was going to pick up something new. My favorites are always around, but I’m getting tired of the same old, same old.

  4. My daughter is so cross with me that we are going away for halloween so she cannot get dressed up – at least we have a Monster Ball to attend so she can have some make up then

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