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Hair and Autumn: The Best Tips by Notino

In autumn the hair falls out (besides the leaves) or so the saying goes. In reality, hair loss in autumn is mainly due to the change in the duration of the light during the day. The hair undergoes a shock, passing from excessive exposure to sunlight to a drastic decrease in the hours of light during the day.
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Dandruff and Sebum: How to Counter Them?

Hair loss can most commonly be caused by factors such as: incorrect diet, smoking, aggressive cosmetic treatments, trauma, stress and the use of heat sources at excessively high temperatures.
All these elements give rise to common annoyances such as:

Tips & Hacks for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Special attention should also be given to styling and in fact it has already been said that excessive heat, such as that of the hairdryer and straighteners, are one of the triggers for hair loss. To avoid this headache it’s good to use a thermo protector , such as the spray Keratin Heath of Syoss , which thus protects the hair before styling it.
Not only hair loss, however, cramps every woman. There are common annoyances to contend with and one of them is the lack of volume. Excellent volumizing spray Big Sexy Volume of Syoss which fixing the hairstyle.
One last important attention is to be given to color. The shampoo No Yellow by Inebrya , in fact, isn’t only suitable for keeping at bay the annoying yellow halo from blonde, gray and white hair, but also from brown ones. This especially if you have chosen a light brown, tending to blond.

Spicy Atmospheres

Can a day spa not be accompanied by precise and delicate aromatic notes? Absolutely not! So, thinking back to all the products I talked about, their use and the attention given to the hair especially in this autumn period, I decided for the fragrance Sweet Maple Chai by Yankee Candle .
An overflowing cup of spiced milk and maple syrup in a whirlwind of perfect creaminess. Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, toffee and pecans . The perfect match for a season that is as sweet as it’s hot.

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