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Glow in the Dark by Pixi

A simple, but virtuous mix of skincare and make up to make us radiant: it’s the 20th anniversary of Pixi by Petra.
An important birthday for the brand that was born at the beginning of the millennium in a boutique at Soho, in London.
Petra Strand, make up artist & product developer, creates innovative formulations that are infused with botanical products and beneficial ingredients.
The great quality of the products, the innovative formulations and the simplicity of use has made this brand a must for any woman who wants to be naturally beautiful.
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1. Glow Tonic (10 £)
2. Rose Ceramide Cream (24 £)
3. Glow Mist (16 £)

Password: Glow

The natural current that has invested beauty has left aside the artificial effects in favor of a glow effect, that radiant, luminous and healthy air typical of eighteen-twenty-year-olds. Fortunately, it’s a possible condition even further down the years. It’s no coincidence that glow is the word of 2020 for the beauty and the stated goal of Pixi by Petra.
I wanted to try this challenge through a virtuous mix of skincare and make up and the result is a play of lights that gives our face a natural and fresh look.

4. Eye Reflections Shadow Palette (24 £)
5. Endless Silky Eye Pen (12 £)
6. MatteLast Liquid Lip (16 £)
7. LipLift Max (12 £)

Glow Effect step-by-step

Clear look with a few marvelous products: gentle weekly exfoliation and the right hydration with rose flower oil and ceramides that provide the right moisture for the skin. At this point, with fresh and healthy skin, a game of super shiny eye shadows, fancy color liquid lipstick and finally a splash of mist for a dewy effect. And so beautiful bright a little mascara and a lip gloss will be enough to make the look.
How much do you feel glow? What do you do to “shine”? Share it!

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