Thinking today of the 90s a deep sense of melancholy takes me. The music was absurdly pop, the technology was tacky, the fashion was over the top and everything that could be considered cool at the time would perhaps make you laugh today. But I, who lived those years, albeit as a child, remember their lightness. The spontaneity and simplicity of those who lived not in fear, but aspiring to tomorrow. Of those who didn’t hide the smile behind a mask, but shared it with others. Ten years that only those who have lived them know how special they have been.
It will be this melancholy of mine and the desire to rediscover that same sentiment, as well as the desire to review an apparently “poorer” society, but in reality much richer, that I decided to dedicate this post to my undisputed heroine of the time: Rachel Green from “Friends” .
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Why is a television series from 27 years ago still a success today?
I start from this question taking for example myself, the one who never missed an episode when it was aired on TV. Of course at the time I was too young to understand the more adult aspects, but I will never forget all the emotions it gave me. The same ones that I was able to give a name to when I grew up, understanding that what made me appreciate it so much were not only the ironic jokes, the skill of the actors, the love stories or the numerous guest stars… but it was the profound meaning it gave to the word Friendship .

  • The Strength of Friendship

A friendship that was never jealous, was never supplanted by technology, one that was always there despite everything and was supported with the passing of the years and the evolution of people.
I think the reason why she is so popular today is because of this. Seeing friends who aren’t together to exceed, to stay attached to the cell phone and in fact ignore each other or even worse get tripped because jealous of each other’s successes, is something that amazes. It’s sad, it shouldn’t, but it’s.
“Friends” remembers and teaches what the value of Friendship should really mean and how despite the years and the choices it should always remain the beacon that guides people’s lives. Without friends, without conviviality, without sociability, what are we? We are seeing it in the society they forced us to live in: nothing. We are also afraid of a hug, a smile or someone’s desire to approach us.
Rediscovering “Friends” means rediscovering your own principles. Get rid of chains, which aren’t as strong as we think they are, and go back to living with joy and grace.

  • Friends in Pop Culture

It will be for this and many other reasons that so many tributes we find dedicated to “Friends” in fashion as in beauty? In my opinion it’s yes and it’s a fan as I am in the series, as well as a nerd, I don’t miss one. From the t-shirt of Tezenies until the lip kit which pays homage to the mythical “Central Perk” by Mad Beauty.

Rachel Green

Today there is a lot of talk about the Rachel Green character as a style icon, and it’s undeniable that she is, but what is the real reason why she has always been the my favorite character?
Because she is an independent woman, who loves fashion and aspires beyond fashion to build her own path with her own hands. And in my opinion this concept is perfectly rendered by the color of lipstick dedicated to her by Makeup Revolution . Solid, decisive, but at the same time glamorous!
Despite this, however, she is never snobbish or unpleasant, on the contrary with her dose of light-headedness and sympathy she is the friend we all would like.
The palette dedicated to her by Makeup Revolution is in fact a tribute to all its features. From elegant and evening colors, some of her outfits are still memorable, up to ultra-feminine ones like “90’S” and “Push Over”. But how can we not forget also her sober notes given by his stable relationship with the nerd Ross Gheller , Monica’s brother, who in the palette are honored with the colors “Crush” and “Dinosaur” .

/ T-Shirt “Tezenis” / Pants “Crivit” / Sneakers “Inside” /
/ Crop Top “Yes Style” /

From Rachel’s Wardrobe

At the base of Rachel’s outfits the timeless is never missing, and still on the crest of the wave, crop top. Whether it’s elegant or sporty, with short sleeves or sleeveless, with or without buttons, in cotton or not… it’s the basis of many looks of the protagonist!
It’s therefore starting from the beautiful top of Yes Style that I tried to create an outfit dedicated to her! You like?
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