Folk Festival on the way


Pampering your fashion side isn’t a crime and quarantine doesn’t stop us from being original and creative. Between voluminous silhouettes and fluttering shapes, perhaps combined with 70s details, to find the lost energy. The right look to escape (at least with your imagination) towards adventures on the road with a gypsy flavor. In other words an urban extra-vaganza that is contaminated by pastel colors and embroidery.
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Boho Treasures of Nature Shop

The price of these tops is € 70 including shipping costs (Europe & USA).
Among the other handcrafted pieces that Maria Teresa Castro makes are: wool coats, scarves, ponchos, bags and flower crowns.

Folk Festival

Etro’s Spring/Summer 2020 fashion shows are an invitation to dare and give fearless voice to our eclectic side. A symbolic style of rebellion, that can help us to express our desire for liberty.
Characterized by exoticism and multi-ethnicity, it’s a perfect mix of gipsy charm and abstract patterns. A Folk Festival where music and glamour come together in one thing giving life to a timeless trend: ethno chic.
A relaxed aesthetic with esoteric touches. In other words a mixture of hopeful and carefree colors with a boho aura that looks at nomadism of the waves. Dreaming of the freedom of the sea.

Praise for originality

The Maria Teresa Castro collection is a hymn to folk style between new romantic echoes and vintage vibes. Comfortable, simple and versatile blouses and kaftans that transform each piece into a game of combinations. 100% cotton and hand-embroidered embrace distant cultures to create a unique style. Few items to mix,  where the colors of Latin America and oriental silks meet.
Create your Folk Festival Look. The most beautiful will be published on the Magazine’s Facebook page. Who said quarantine can’t be fun?

28 thoughts on “Folk Festival on the way

  1. I love these festival looks! Etro is such a romantic brand in general and you can see the detail in the outfits.

  2. I am loving the boho-chic looks here. I love the pastel colours, the cuts and the designs. I’m all in the vibe and I really am interested more in the Maria Teresa Castro collection, because it slayed the folks-themed style.

  3. Boho styles are how I have always wanted to dress at heart. These looks inspire me to try it out again.

  4. I like your style! I’m happy to see quarantine isn’t holding you back and you are enjoying yourself! Stay Well

  5. The Etro fashion shows look fantastic. Really creative pieces and I really like the ethno chic vibe. It’s really cool to see music and glamour come together.

  6. I love all of your outfits! They shout care-free comfort! I also totally agree that we can still express ourselves and get dressed even when we’re quarantined at home. It’s important for out mental health!

  7. I love Boho fashion. It is so laid back and very comfortable to wear! Love all the outfits you’ve featured here.

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