Financial Planner: How to Create It?

The beginning of the year is always the ideal time to set goals and plan how to achieve them. Therefore, most people are looking for new ways to save, but above all put money aside. So let’s see how we can plan our financial year.
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January: Plans

It’s time to draw up a forecast balance of what the expenses and earnings of the year could be in December. At the end of each month, next to the expected values, enter the actual values ​​and compare the differences.

February: Clear Up

Create an archive for important documents (such as income tax returns) and have everything already ready at the right time.

March: Save

It’s time to set aside small amounts on a regular basis and to set ourselves goals. Create a single entry fund from which it is “forbidden” to withdraw.

April: Abandon Bad Habits

Cigarettes, compulsive shopping, bets … make two counts and try to figure out how much money squandered and how the same amount could be invested in the other.

May: Earn More

It’s the right time to look for a seasonal commitment or some chores for extra income.

June: Be Accurate

Between degrees, weddings, confirmations, baptisms and etc… it’s time for more money. With a limited budget it’s better not to overdo it.


July: Be Foresight

It’s the right time to think of the expenses involved, which “it’s better to do them now only once, to postpone and spend more afterwards”.

August: Dares

When all offices are disarmed before going on holiday, it’s the right time to ask for a promotion or a salary. If not, it raises asking to have financed a refresher course.

September: Keep under Control

It’s time to gradually resume the routine and check your financial balance. It isn’t the month for impossible resolutions then to realize. With the return from summer holidays you are motivated and driven by the experiences you had, but for this reason it’s better to keep your feet on the ground.

October: Do Quality Shopping

It’s the quality shopping month. The moment to plan exactly what you need for the home or yourself and give yourself a list or goals to follow.

November: Insures

Whether it’s time to sign one or simply to assess whether your budget should include a “parachute” in the face of an unexpected event.

December: Get Benefits

Can you become richer even without increasing your salary? Sometimes yes. Through good meals, benefits or discount coupons. You just need to be able to know how to get them and how to use them. What you will not have to spend on some things, it’s still money that will stay in your pocket.

34 thoughts on “Financial Planner: How to Create It?

  1. I love how you broke the each month for financial planning. Finances are an important element to our lives. Thank you for making us understand goals for each month to look forward to. Excellent article!!!!!

  2. very helpful information! budgeting is so important! Heavens knows it is not easy. I am big about documenting everything I spend money on to see where i can cut back!

  3. We need to save some amount from the salary. March is the month of closing so we need to spend money carefully.

  4. I do like the one for April – especially cutting cigarettes. Know a work colleague who did that and instantly saved about $500 or so a month, crazy stuff! But then again… he did put on about 7 or 8 kilos during that time…

  5. I love that you have broken things down by the month. This is a great way to look at your goals and what you need to work on or have accomplished.

  6. This is all solid advice! I love having major tasks broken down into more easily attainable goals, and your month to month list is right up my alley. Thanks!

  7. I’m the worst at setting large goals for myself and not making baby steps. I love your month to month look at tackling finances.

  8. Reading your post really motivates me to invest more on a vacation trip than material stuff. Traveling is a big part of our life we do this so often so that we don’t skip life. Work is important and saving up is quite a challenge but it is possible.

  9. I have been working on saving for a trip near the end of the year. Small changes and being mindful of my spending has really helped me when it comes to getting money put away.

  10. This post is timely because my family and I are managing our current expenses as we’re traveling soon. The part about not doing compulsive buying hit me. 🙂 I really have to control that.

  11. I really like all of these. Small changes or actions to take each month rather than the typical tips for saving by spending less, etc. Your steps create a change in lifestyle which will last much longer.

  12. I think what’s funny is that March says it’s about saving money and that is exactly where my heads been at. Love it!

  13. Saving is something that I have been struggling with! I need to save more than I spend. I didn’t know
    March was savings month but I’m going to take advantage of this the rest of the month.

  14. March is a month of saving? Seems that one caught me off-guard because actually, I’ve made no saving yet. Lemme wait up for April and ditch some bad habits like this.

  15. Little steps one at a time each month. Anyone following this will surely save up some amount. Maybe keeping track of these steps through the journal will help it too.

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