Weekly fashion alert with Dresslily

Weekly fashion alert with Dresslily!
New season, new wardrobe! Feel like shopping and renewing yourself and why not do it at low cost? Paying attention to the wallet is not necessarily synonymous with uninteresting or fashionable outfits, indeed! Here are some ideas to copy, modify and play to turn cheap purchases into unique pieces!

This top at a bargain price it could deceive expectations and instead… It is absolutely soft and light and in its basic simplicity it becomes a garment with which to create many different outfits that is with a jeans for a more casual look maybe with a skirt to give her a little more than character. Basic garments are always very versatile, it’s up to us to have the ability to interpret them!
Rating 3.5/5

This oversize shirt plays with a seasonal trend that is “the pajama effect”. Let’s start by saying that it is in pure cotton mixed linen, it makes the skin breathe and it is absolutely beautiful more live than in photography! Wear it even in a casual way anyway always a certain sexy touch that doesn’t hurt! It thrilled me as I didn’t think it was possible and for the price it has is a real bargain! Adorable then the detail on the collar!
Rating 4/5

This hoodie it’s just for fan potterhead! It’s really amazing and as soon as I saw it I was madly in love with it, you can believe that the beauty is in the design on the front, but the real surprise comes with the back and a quote to all 7 Harry Potter books! Soft and warm it is perfect to repair from the cold with that nerd touch that never hurts!
Rating 4/5

This bikini it’s perfect for every age! This year bikinis with high panties are back in fashion, but they don’t deny the beauty and sensuality of even the youngest! With a 50s retro touch, online shopping is available in many colors and patterns to suit every taste!
Rating 4.5/5

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17 thoughts on “Weekly fashion alert with Dresslily

  1. Each and every dress looks amazing on you. I just love the red hoddie I am potterhead so I love to have this

  2. I love bargains like everybody else I guess. All the outfits here are nice but my favourite is the first top. Looks like it can be very versatile and as you said, can successfully be combined with jeans or a skirt.

  3. I definitely agree about the “not needing to pay a high price for good clothes.” Some of my favorite shorts that I’ve had for ten years came from the dollar store! lol

  4. WOW, Dressily looks like my kind of place to shop from. I loved your hoodie because of course Harry Potter and that blue striped shirt. So chic.

  5. I like what you said about not being too costy but still not risking the quality of the look. Sometimes people are under the impression of the opposite. The outfits are amazing.

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