Between chic & street with Girlmerry

Between chic & street with Girlmerry, the online shop reinvents fashion by going beyond the usual conventions. In this online shop you can find wholesale dresses and cheap sexy dresses.
If you are looking for something that is captivating, sexy and definitely out of the ordinary this is the right shop with a wide range of products from dresses to bikinis to sexy lingerie. There is no better way to break the rules in style!

This trousers in black and white checkers they are really very street and original. With a zip that circumnavigates the horse from the front waist to the back, they have a regular cut. Cotton and polyester have the slight defect that do not give the possibility to wear them with a belt as not being elastic there is always the risk that they are not perfectly adherent to life.
Rating 3.5/5
This bikini, of which in the picture I wear only the upper part, it is available in three colors: black, blue and burgundy. Unfortunately when I bought it there was only black because otherwise I would have opted for the other two colors. The slip is simple with the classic laces on the sides, while the top, although quite classic, is original for the lacing giving elegance to the figure. The defect that I found is that the cups inside it are too small and personally they are awkward with the prosperous breasts, which is why I decided to take them off to make the bikini top tight to the breast and so perfect.
Rating 3/5

This shirt I’ve been looking for it for a long time with this fantasy and I must say that once it arrived it didn’t disappoint. In polyester it remains very light and fresh for spring / summer and is available in three colors: beige, red and black. It’s a body / shirt and this makes it great to wear with skirts or trousers. Soft and elegant it adapts to every style. Fantastic!
Rating 3.5/5

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21 thoughts on “Between chic & street with Girlmerry

  1. The black and white pants look so beautiful and would be so easy to play around with during styling. The secind top also looks cute in some florals. Looking lovely!

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