Sport Day with Social Eras

Spring is coming, the desire to spend more time in the open air arrives, but above all we start preparing for the ever closer costume test.
What could be better then a Sport Day with Social Eras? The brand that guarantees quality equal to that of the big brands, but with fair and cheap prices.
After all, who said that in order to do sports, you have to give up your femininity and glam?

This amizing active wear set, available in pink and gray, is ideal for training as it is a great freedom of movement and breathability of the skin. What I like is the extremely feminine, fresh and fashion color. The active wear set can be purchased separately, this allows you to choose (possibly) different sizes for the top or bottom. For example, I bought an M for the leggins and an S for the top.

Rating 4.5/5

Perfect for warm-up, before training, or when you’re cooling down after a session, this sweatshirt is also extremely fashionable. Made of breathable fabric it keeps the skin ventilated when in motion and keeps it warm when stationary. Personally, I think it’s also great to wear over a pair of jeans for a sporty outfit, but at the same time stylish. Available in black and white, it is advisable to buy a size larger than the one you wear because it is small. I wear an M.

Rating 4/5

Activewear, women’s clothing, beauty, home or electronics on Social Eras find everything and more! What are you waiting for? Enjoy shopping with a 10% off with the coupon “crisshex88” on everything! Valid until May 20th!

39 thoughts on “Sport Day with Social Eras

  1. I like the color of the outfit, is indeed very feminine. I am looking for some new sports clothes, I will check this brand out.

  2. Recently I have been into fitness wear and purchased so many fitness gears from gymshark, I guess almost USD 2k. I love to pair my fitness gear with the same top and bottom. Thanks for the review for Social Eras active wear and I love the bright colors and the band in the waistband of the leggings.

  3. Oh wow! I love working out every morning it is my morning routine. By the way, you have beautiful sport wear, I like the color.

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