Multicolor vibes with Rosewe

Multicolor Vibes with Rosewe, the online shop that since 2009 has helped make every woman’s wardrobe innovative and fashionable.
What most distinguishes this brand is the ability to intercept the latest trends and make them available to everyone with low prices and a dynamic and responsive work group.

This multicolor dress is a real breath of energy and joy with its bright colors and a vintage cut that gives character to the dress.
Dress the size you wear, even if for fear that it might hold me a little on the breast (being not very elastic) I bought a size more than mine (an M instead of an S).
Extremely comfortable it is suitable to be worn one summer evening, with a heel that gives it momentum, but also for an afternoon walk, with maybe a sneaker. A dress that changes skin according to the accessories worn and that does not disappoint the expectations despite its 95% polyester and 5% spandex material.
Rating 3.5/5

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33 thoughts on “Multicolor vibes with Rosewe

    1. I pay a lot of attention to fabrics, this helps to understand if it is better to buy one’s own size or a larger one. I must say that hihihi has always gone well for me

  1. The multi colors vibe really make me happy and it mark spring is here. I love having bright colors for my travel costume as it stands out from the backdrop. I love this piece of dress.

  2. This dress is gorgeous, and you look amazing in it! I have seen Rosewe ads a lot, but I’ve never ordered anything. I’m going to give them a try!

  3. Is this the new trend right now? I saw Kelly Clarkson at The Voice wearing a similar dress. I love the the stripes are vertical.

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