Marvel Panel Cartoomics Milano 2019

Great news in the Marvel house for 2019, including perhaps the most important is the transformation of the books as we know them in monographic publications! But not only! There are many other innovations and they follow the Marvel Fresh Start re-launches already started. Let’s find out what they are!

-After all the various branches Gold, Red and Blue of the mutants return the Uncanny X Men. With the end of X-Men Gold and the return of the young mutants (Jean, Scott, Warren, etc…) at their timeline we will have this new beginning.
X-Man will be 6 miniseries of 5 numbers and will be a sort of Age of Apocalypse 25 years later.
Old Man Logan finish in September with Dead Man Logan and from there at the end of the year all of Wolverine’s macro plots will be closed.
X-Men Black will be 5 self-conclusive stories where the protagonists of every book will be the historical enemies of the mutants: Magneto, Mojo, Mystica, Fenomeno and Emma Frost.
-Also return X-Force. The first number to read after Extermination.
The Amazing Spiderman, Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man, Miles Morales Spider Man, Superior Spider Man will all have monographic titles that will follow in the specific various incarnations of this mythical character.
-Continue also Venom with a 24-page monthly story.
The Avengers with Jason Aaaron will return around the world starting from number 14 with a macro plot in Romania against vampires.
Hulk returns to surprise with his adventures this time even more than once a month.
-Go back to basics with the single and historical warheads of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.
Avengers No Road Home will be the new miniseries dedicated to the most powerful heroes of the earth and will be the starting point for something important: a new wild era for Marvel.
-Return the historical title of the Fantastic 4 that ensures a twist to the book.
-Beginning Asgardians of the Galaxy that promises to be the prelude to a great Marvel event that we will discover only in 2020 (maybe 2019 in USA).
-The Guardians of the Galaxy return with a new formation after the ashes of Infinity Wars.
-In June Daredevil ends with the death of Daredevil and begins a miniseries of 5 numbers that will be characterized by the fact that each book will have a different designer. This miniseries is the epilogue to the series currently underway and a prologue for the new one.
-On the occasion of the 80 years Marvel, eight volumes will be released to celebrate each one dedicated to a decade Marvel from the 40s to the 10s of this century.
Marvels come back! Re-scanned, rearranged and republished with extra content and totally new and unpublished covers.
Marvel collection presents a series of monothematic volumes dedicated to Shuri, The Defenders (the original ones: Doctor Strange, Namor, Silver Surfer and Hulk), Black Order, Captain Marvel, West Coast Avengers (the ten episodes in a single volume), Miss Marvel, Marvel Knights (one shot with all the characters in this series), Old Quill (after Old Hawkeye continues the story set in this alternative reality where the villains have won) and Meet the Skrulls (a story in The Americans style, but in Skulls sauce).
Last, but not least, the great Marvel event for September: The War of the Realms. Asgard against the 9 worlds (indeed 10 with paradise!).
Rating: 4.5/5
What are you waiting for with more anxiety?

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26 thoughts on “Marvel Panel Cartoomics Milano 2019

  1. Avengers! Guardians of the Galaxy! X-Men! My brothers love the collection and they would be glad to hear the news…I wish I was as excited too.

  2. It looks like the Marvel fans have a lot of exciting things coming for them this year. I am not really that much into Marvel but I have a lot of friends who are.

  3. I’m waiting the most for The Avengers with Jason Aaaron. The plot in Romania against vampires seems very interesting. My kids love all the Marvel characters.

  4. I seriously can’t wait to see every single one of these. I can barely hold it my excitement over these!

    1. Are you interested in all the books in this series or something in particular? I Magneto and Emma Frost. Emma Frost was my first love, the first Marvel things I bought and read were her origin history.

  5. The photos are absolutely amazing. I just love and hate Thanos at the same time. You can see so many cool things her.

  6. My brother would be really excited about all the New things coming out for Marvel. He’s such a comic fan. I will have to check out the direction the X-Men goes in. Sounds curious.

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