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The 4 Elements are the basis of life as everything contains one or more elements at the same time. Their primordial energy is transformed and regenerated, as well as being the basis of all those vibrations that give life to the various spells as we know them.
Today, through the beauty of the Essence palettes, dedicated to the 4 Elements, I will give life to a journey to discover them and their characteristics, not failing to play with colors. All by creating make-up that will try to reproduce and personify everyone’s strengths.
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This element is vital as it not only represents all the waterways present on Earth, but also the fluids that flow within the human body or in plants (such as blood or lymph). All to indicate nourishment, but also fertility and the transition between creation and destruction.
It represents emotions and feelings, but it’s also a source of healing as well as representing memory. Its mother symbol is the mirror.
Feminine element, dominates the West and the autumn months also has a dark value, understood as a mystery that hides, because it’s connected to dreams and foresight. It manifests itself through Black Magic, not intended as a malevolent vibration, but rather as a powerful energy that must be mastered. It takes a great deal of self-control, discipline and curiosity to tap into it without being submissive.


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This element is governed by nature itself, the womb without which nothing can be produced or brought back to life. It’s the home of man where he finds refuge, but also his eternal rest.
Its energies are related to the physical and material planes and they are driven by will, research and wisdom.
Its color is the green of the vegetation and is linked to the magic of the stones, trees and knots. As much as her strength is maternal and welcoming, so much can she be angry and vengeful.
Female element, dominates the north and the winter months, its energies are linked to fertility, abundance, death, birth and wisdom. It manifests itself through the Green Magic which is associated with those with heart issues such as ecology and animals, but also has a strong propensity for nature and sustainability. Simplicity and dualism characterize this magic.


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The strength of this element gives vigor and motivation and acts internally and externally to a body. Like the Earth which receives simultaneously the effects of the inner fire, the magmatic humors, and of the outer one, the solar energy. Fire sustains life as it can destroy it and is an unequivocal symbol of energy, action, courage, defense and vitality.
Tarot cards like The Sun and the Force totally represent this element, as well as its bright colors such as red, orange and yellow.
Male element, dominates the south and the summer months and has a value strictly linked to feelings, but also to important charms such as breaking curses and performing exorcisms. It manifests itself through the Red Magic, the spontaneous and impulsive one, but also astute and ambitious. Precisely because conditioned by instinct it can often be unpredictable and for this reason having a strong basis of theory and knowledge is necessary in order not to run into dangers.


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Intangible, yet powerful, air is the quintessential element of magic.
The four main breezes of the Wind Rose are combined with the cardinal points, as well as with different types of energies such as:
Tramuntana (North) with an aggressive nature, governed change;
Ostro (South) fiery and hot, is the bearer of protection and purification;
Pulenat (West) with its fresh and humid characteristics, announces revelatory premonitions and dreams;
Levanat (East) also hot, is connected to divination and spirits. In fact, when it expires it carries messages from them.
The mind as a creative element is neither the symbol, as well as the sword. And its vibrations assist in communication, writing and travel, but it’s also a strong symbol of freedom and justice.
Male element, it dominates the East and the spring months and its energies are synonymous with intellect and fidelity. It manifests itself through the Blue Magic which through the ability to analyze emotions in black and white, with the creative and rational thinking, allows you to tap into these forces.


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There is a Fifth Element called in many different ways: Ether, Quintessence, Akasha, Chi, etc … And regardless of the name it takes it’s the Spirit . It’s the White Magic, the most spiritual and pure energy. It doesn’t rise above the others by defining itself as better, but it certainly doesn’t allow itself to be influenced by the elements of the others.
It remains genuine and pure, finding in a transcendent and platonic path the strength to purify one’s body and spirit from the vices and temptations of dark knowledge.

Which of these elements and spells, as well as colors, best represent you?

19 thoughts on “Essence & 4 Elements

  1. Wonderful makeup! I have heard of the four elements and their chi, but never heard them in detail. I learned a lot, thank you. (I also like the fact that you use Sailor Moon in this post).

  2. hi
    interesting to see the way you have depicted the four elements and not the traditional 5 elements in nature, was an interesting read. this article definitely needs to be read and reread to understand the significance of the essence of the 4 elements

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