Editorial October N.8/2020

October is a month of magic and mystery. The colors begin to change and the cold season to arrive. I have always had a special bond with this month which, although it has also given me so much pain, remains for me one of the most mystical and fascinating months of the entire year.
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The Blood Moon

This Moon, with its dark name, reaches its fullness in the season that was once the hunting season. The blood therefore acquires a sacred value, as a gift from Nature and the Earth and as the seat of the vital nucleus of living creatures.
Blood is also a recurring element in the literary imagination because it’s linked to feelings such as love and passion, but also to hatred and revenge. Regardless of their positive or negative value, it expresses strong emotions. The foliage of the trees is tinged with the same color, red, but also the sunsets that never as in autumn know how to bewitch.
This is the right time to thank for the opportunities that are given to us, as well as to wish for a good start and protection for the winter period.

🌕 October 1 11:05 PM
🌕 October 31 3:49 PM

Letters From The Past: 2006

When I received this letter, on a birthday many years ago, I realized that sometimes the strength of a simple pastime has the ability to create incredible bonds.
This person, most likely, had it not been for what brought us together for the game, I probably never would have bonded. We would never get close to each other.
Insecure, shy, reserved and not inclined to talk, she seemed an impenetrable wall. So much so that over time when she learned to let go and find that she could be herself, she became someone else. So much so that overnight, for no reason, she disappeared without letting anyone know anything about me and stopping answering calls or messages.
It’s as you say, in the words of this letter from many years ago, eventually people can come and go, but what they leave behind in our lives doesn’t do so quickly.

The Artist of the Month

Nome: Nes
Shop: Shop Cuda
Pinterest: Shop Cuda
Descrizione: Shop Cuda, founded by Nes and a couple of girl-bosses who all have a entrepreneurial drive to do what they love: design and create. They just love to make people happy either by designing shirts that are exactly what they were looking for or by simply reaching out to show sincerity once they place an order. Their motto of do what you love and the rest will come has let us to succeed in many ways!

Opinions, requests, comments? Let me hear your voice, it’s important to me!

Photo ©Tom Barrett

20 thoughts on “Editorial October N.8/2020

  1. Lots of great things about October. I love autumn…the colour, vibes and those cute dresses. What’s not to like .

  2. The colors of the leaves have started to change here, and autumn is going to come fully this month. I have seen the full moon last night, very beautiful. Apparently in October we will get 2 full moons.

  3. We love October and with all the Halloween theming too, so a cool time of year and a time to get cosy x

  4. Those are very cool looks, perfect for the season. I have always loved October, here in Arizona, the weather finally starts getting cooler, and all the fun parties, and Halloween themed events. Won’t have much of that this year.

  5. Yes, I am ready for Autumn to fully arrive now. All those beautiful colours of leaves make for wonderful photos.

  6. Beautifully written, we always need to appreciate all the opportunities we are given in our lives. Besides this, the dress is just gorgeous! 🙂

  7. I too love October and all it brings, especially the change of seasons. your letter wasn’t reminder to me too that just because somebody is not necessarily in your life anymore doesn’t mean their part wasn’t important.

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