September is the month of new beginnings par excellence or at least I have always lived it in this way. My personal December, where on August 31st (like a new year’s Eve) I make promises and resolutions. What then, with the beginning of the working year, I commit myself to put into practice.
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September: Air of News

September brings as its first novelty the choice to return to the Italian language as the main of the Magazine, without however losing the English version always available and reachable through the link at the top of each italian article.
The page of the Summary thus becomes the shortcut to reach the articles you are most interested in reading, but also and above all to discover its preview on the day of publication and the topics covered.
Even the publications, however, change the day, losing their more rigid and schematic aspect and acquiring a richer one of meaning (at least for myself). Why? Because the same will follow the phases of the Moon.

The Artist of the Month

Nome: Nes
Shop: YouLoveYouShop
Descrizione: YouLoveYouShop is an unique shop where you can find unique gifts for any occasion especially for birthdays. Each item in my store has a meaningful and a sentimental message. Your loved will would truly appreciate the meaning behind each gift.

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