Between Budgets and Projects

This summer will not be in the least as I had imagined it, however it was truly incredible to discover and appreciate the strength with which I managed to reinvent myself and to ensure that nothing of this period was wasted, transforming a moment of waiting into a possibility.
The half of the year was recently passed, so pausing to make budgets is inevitable, as is making plans for the autumn that will come and a winter that I want to announce as spectacular.
There is something boiling in the pot and I can’t wait to tell you about it!
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The Great Beauty of the Soul

Aestheticism is the artistic, literary and philosophical current that has always illuminated and guided my life. I fell in love with it during my high school studies and since then my long and endless research on understanding the true definition of “beauty” began.
I move away from the idea, typical of aestheticism, that the external form prevails over the virtues, but instead I embrace the concept that the impossibility of knowing the absolute truth must push the individual to live the moment by discovering the nuances of beauty that it contains.
Starting from this assumption, my project was born to use beauty to bring out the larval soul of the person and make it blossom in the splendid butterfly that every human being has within himself.

The Beauty Coach is Born

Forget the fashion addicted or the personal shopper who tells you how you should dress and what trend you should follow.
Forget the image consultant or make up artist who tells you how you should wear makeup and what style you should embrace.
I’m none of this. I listen to you and through the knowledge and advice most suitable for you, I try to bring out the beauty that you have inside yourself, but that you cannot bring out. Together we will understand what best enhances you, from beauty to fashion, and following your tastes and what makes you feel comfortable we will make your image the reflection of your soul.
The only signature that a person should wear is her own and the only reason she should shine is for herself.
The Beauty Coach does this, advises you and helps you to love and enhance yourself to ensure that every day is a moment of beauty to live.

element of water

The July newsletter will arrive in 4 days and the journey started in May to discover the 4 Elements continues.
Also this month, therefore, the monthly newsletter giveaway features two artists.
The first is Aggeliki, owner of the “Klostogirismata Shop”. Passionate about crochet, thanks to the teachings of her grandmother, she used the love for this art to create and share small great masterpieces. She defines crochet psychotherapy, because through it’s possible to develop the prativa of patience.
The second is Jay, owner of the “Room O fMagic Moon”, is a witch who works a lot with the elements and prefers lunar cycles to solar ones.
Her journey began with the creation of candles for rituals and spells, up to the present day where in her shop she offers useful objects and utensils for any witch or not.

Follow their Instagram accounts (@klostogirismata / @room_of_magic_room) and try to guess what the prizes will be up for grabs. Do you want to win them? Then don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter!

Photo ยฉNsey Benajah