The Joy of Awakening

Although it isn’t possible to define the new phase in which we find ourselves returning to absolute normality, certainly things have started to change. I don’t know if it’s something that only I have noticed, but I start to perceive in people a greater sense of relaxation and desire to find themselves. Of course we all still have to wear these annoying and hateful masks, but if it’s a sacrifice towards absolute freedom. Welcome. Finally, albeit slowly, it seems that we are waking up from the long lethargy in which we had fallen.
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The Truth Behind the Pandemic

Surely the yoke that has been through the pandemic has been a complex political intertwining that had the ultimate goal of depriving us of our independence. The chaos that this pandemic has created around the world has finally led humanity to be ready to sacrifice its freedom to gain its security. However, thank God, ideas are bulletproof and although things often don’t go as we expect, there are things we will never lose. Like our resilience, the same thanks to which we continue indomitable. It’s this ability to survive and evolve that will ultimately lead to victory. To the preservation of free will.

The Real Crisis on Infinite Earths is This

I borrow the title of this famous DC crossover to make an argument about the moment of “crisis” that we are facing. There is a symbolic phrase that Barry Allen pronounces and which I believe we should all rely on: “We cannot erase what we have in our hearts. As long as we cling to that, we have overcome the crisis before it starts”. And in part it was so. Despite what we say in Europe, in the world or in government, we have shown that we are a forward-looking and combative people. We seemed an easy prey and although we often show it, being the first ones we underestimate ourselves, we have instead shown that this isn’tthe case.
We have lost so much in recent months: our autonomy, our affections, our routine. Sometimes it seemed that there was nothing left to lose, as if everything that mattered had already been taken from us and our lives were empty… empty inside. But the trust that we reserve in each other, our willingness to fight to take back the life that has been taken away from us, we will never lose this.

element of fire

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Also this month the monthly gift of the newsletter makes use of two artists.
The first is Carly, owner of the “Nickersnoodle” based in the Yorkshire Dales in England.
Their spearhead? Wands! All produced by hand by Drew who from each of them a different soul by sculpting them in a unique way.
And then Ali, owner of the “Ekata Market” who makes unique and trendy jewels in sunny Arizona. She is a self-taught designer who puts all her passion and creativity into every piece she creates.
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Photo ©Joshua Newton