Editorial N.5/2020

The Joy of Awakening

Although it isn’t possible to define the new phase in which we find ourselves returning to absolute normality, certainly things have started to change. I don’t know if it’s something that only I have noticed, but I start to perceive in people a greater sense of relaxation and desire to find themselves. Of course we all still have to wear these annoying and hateful masks, but if it’s a sacrifice towards absolute freedom. Welcome. Finally, albeit slowly, it seems that we are waking up from the long lethargy in which we had fallen.
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The Truth Behind the Pandemic

Surely the yoke that has been through the pandemic has been a complex political intertwining that had the ultimate goal of depriving us of our independence. The chaos that this pandemic has created around the world has finally led humanity to be ready to sacrifice its freedom to gain its security. However, thank God, ideas are bulletproof and although things often don’t go as we expect, there are things we will never lose. Like our resilience, the same thanks to which we continue indomitable. It’s this ability to survive and evolve that will ultimately lead to victory. To the preservation of free will.

The Real Crisis on Infinite Earths is This

I borrow the title of this famous DC crossover to make an argument about the moment of “crisis” that we are facing. There is a symbolic phrase that Barry Allen pronounces and which I believe we should all rely on: “We cannot erase what we have in our hearts. As long as we cling to that, we have overcome the crisis before it starts”. And in part it was so. Despite what we say in Europe, in the world or in government, we have shown that we are a forward-looking and combative people. We seemed an easy prey and although we often show it, being the first ones we underestimate ourselves, we have instead shown that this isn’tthe case.
We have lost so much in recent months: our autonomy, our affections, our routine. Sometimes it seemed that there was nothing left to lose, as if everything that mattered had already been taken from us and our lives were empty… empty inside. But the trust that we reserve in each other, our willingness to fight to take back the life that has been taken away from us, we will never lose this.

element of fire

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Photo ©Joshua Newton

28 thoughts on “Editorial N.5/2020

  1. It is really the strangest of all times. Work has resumed where I am. I get fearful everyday which has increased my anxiety. I have to take my son with me. It is tough.
    May God have mercy.

  2. We are a strong people. It is nice to see people coming together no matter the case, though I do wish the solidarity was here from better circumstance.

  3. this pademic not only cost so many people lives but their businesses and lifehoods , i so hope that we can beat it, but at samje time it made us apriciate life more

  4. So much uncertainty in the face of the pandemic and this is affecting people all over the world so differently. Hopefully everyone finds the good this has brought us and not worry too much about its negative impacts

  5. Most of the people says that this Virus meant to be very harmful for everyone..but in reality this has become very helpful it has a very good impact on our environment and though family came much close together..busy people got time for themselves too and so on…Great work..Totally agree with your ideas and ya amazing photography…

  6. Beautifully written post and I agree with you…despite the many terrible things it has brought upon us, it has made us stronger and brought us together. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  7. I am just ready for normalcy honestly and yes…. it has brought families together and they are spending more time at home and that is always a plus 🙂 Just cannot wait to shop at the mall again if I want 🙁

  8. Beautifully written! The pandemic has brought so much chaos and pain, but it’s also brought people closer together, and given people some time to dive into themselves and their spirituality during isolation. There is some light in all this darkness. Thank you for sharing!

  9. As negative as this pandemic is, I think there is a silver lining, people I feel are more empathetic, more in tune to what is going on around them which is great.

  10. It’s been a crazy recent few months. I agree wholeheartedly. The most difficult thing about this whole crisis was the loss of freedom. Here in the states, some places are starting to become normal again and I’m so happy that it is so. BTW…Love “The Flash”. My 14yo son introduced us to it and we’ve been watching it together. We have 2 more seasons to catch up on. 🙂

  11. I have been a work from home mom for 6 years and I haven’t had any travels or vacations for the longest time so this lock down period is just like me living my daily life pre-pandemic. The only thing that I hate is that I have not been able to be with my grandson. It is almost 90 days since I last had him here at home. I miss him so very much! I wish people would listen and not cause the virus to spread even more.

  12. The virus caused so much uncertainty for me as I navigated it’s effect on the health of people I love and job security for others. I for sure learned a lot.

  13. Life in this world has been completely turned upside down. There is an incredible amount of perspective of how I want to live my life. Thank you for sharing your story.

  14. The virus as been a major wake up call for most of us. And I feel like there are things that have been changed for the worst but somethings have had to improve in light of what we’re facing as a nation. So like my mother always says “you have to take the good with the bad”.

  15. It’s certainly been a strange time to be living in. We’ve seen the best and worst of humanity. Hoping the light will prevail …

  16. A virus is a virus it doesn’t show Mercy on anybody. It doesn’t care if you are white, black, Muslim, or Christian it will kill you. Governments did what they thought it was the right thing to do they didn’t deprived us of our freedom, they encouraged us to try to protect ourselves. And sometimes people see things differently just because of the status of what they are in. If you are working women you see this at you has been taking some of your freedom but if you are a stay-at-home mom you see this as a way to protect your children so there’s different ways to see this.

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