Editorial N.4/2020

A Nightmare to Wake Up from

If I had to recount this period with a song, I can’t stop thinking about Greenday‘s “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. I don’t think I listened to it as much as in this period, while in it I mirror my mood. The same as almost all the world’s population. So the question that arises is: when will the time to wake up come?
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Pending on the Pause Button

The sensation more than others that presses on the stomach like a boulder is that of living in the balance on the pause button. A year of life that doesn’t count. Yet age advances by one, however, removing from the arc of our existence a box on the big game board that is life. I really wish there is the possibility of canceling 2020, as a bad game and therefore start it again without taking into account the lost points or the defeats. But it cannot and the fact that it isn’t possible to do anything about it’s the thing that really degrades the soul and wrinkles the heart.
The pause button is all we are allowed to do. No rewind or forward, only the hope of sooner or later reaching the play and finally regaining possession of all the time that has been denied us.

Can the Impossible become Possible?

This is the question answered by the Flower Moon, which honors relationships and love in May.
Nature is in bloom, the winds and spring rains subside and the blue skies prepare to welcome the heat of the sun.
This Full Moon brings with it a great harmony and a propitious moment to reach every type of goal, even the most difficult one.
It’s the hope to be entrusted so that the energies emanated can brighten our days and like flowers make us bloom at the height of our splendor. Ready to go back to life.

element of the earth

The May newsletter will arrive tomorrow and from this month, until August, it will accompany us on a journey to discover the 4 Elements.
For this reason, this month’s collaborations are with two English artists who, through their art, will be giving away two splendid necklaces that pay homage to this element.
Rudrakshagems Nipun Khanna is a yoga enthusiast and lives in London after two years in picturesque Scotland. Design Chakra and Mala jewels, customizable on request.
Then there is Ellen Owen of AzureAllure, an artist from Birmingham who studied Fine Arts at the University of Coventry. She made graphics and design her starting point for the creation of jewelry, transforming this hobby into her work.
So this month the prize isn’t just one, but two! What kind? Find out by spying on the Instagram accounts of these two artists: @rudrakshagems.co.uk & @azureallureandmore.

Photos ©Jen Theodore

41 thoughts on “Editorial N.4/2020

  1. This has been a crazy year. All I want right now is to be back to normal again, but I think it will take a lot of time.

  2. Looking at the brighter side, this pandemic is doing a lot of great things to our planet, to our family to ourselves and giving us more time to reflect too. Stay safe!

  3. I love Greenday! <3 yes, i remember the song. LEt's all loook forward to better days. but let's not consider these times as waste, because this period is actually teaching us something. 🙂

  4. I agree with what others are saying that this pandemic is changing the world as we know it. It’s almost like living in some sort of zombie apolocolype! But in all seriousness, I have tried to focus as much as I can on the positive. It’s okay to be disappointed about cancelled events. It’s okay to feel sad, lonely or anything at all from day to day. But I do try to practice gratitude every morning for big and small things and also look for light and positivity. I love seeing families spending more time together, people supporting healthcare workers, and the small acts of kindness all around us. We got this!

  5. This whole situation has really put life into perspective, hasn’t it? We’re starting to really see what’s necessary in our lives (including that human interaction with friends, family and loved ones) and what things we can live without. I agree – I wish we could just start the game over again… unfortunately, that’s not an option. Instead, we just have to do the best with the situation we’ve been dealt while hoping for things to start turning around sooner rather than later.

  6. I’m with you on this one, it feels like it’s already been a year and as introverted as I am, I am also more than ready to hit the ‘reset ‘ button on this year. Having said that, I do also recognize the lessons taught on being healthier and more in tune to the environment.

  7. What an insightful look at this pandemic I certainly never imagined living through something like this in my life time but here we are in this foreign world. Maybe we can all wake up when September ends…

  8. I think the worst part is that we are all in limbo. What will our lives look like in three or six months? We’d like them to be back to normal, but we don’t know if that’s even a possibility at this point.

  9. Whole world is sleepless due to this pandemic, this is first time when whole world is fighting against same enemy with same strategy “Social Distance” and eating healthy food in healthy environment. This is the biggest lesson of life.

  10. Wow. Actually am also feeling the same ..want to restart my 2020. Yet it give lot more time to analyze Me and work upon my dreams … Nice one …keep motivating .

  11. The pandemic is bad, yes absolutely but I am very positive about 2020 we will learn a lot for this experience and we will all emerge stronger.

  12. I hope it will end soon and that people will learn a lot from that situation. I really want to go back to normality but I don’t know if it’s possible

  13. I’ve been viewing this pandemic as an opportunity to reset. At the beginning of the year I had goals, that got a little off kilter. Now I’m back on track!

  14. I can see why you could hate/dislike this pandemic but I really could not care less. For me is it such amazing time to stay home with my kids.

  15. This disease has made most of us appreciate freedom. We have been locked up at home for quite a long time, but thank God we are alive.

  16. Like everyone else, I’m definitely ready to go back to “normal” – although I recognize that normal won’t be what it was before. Hang in there!

  17. I am right with you on this. I thought 2019 was bad….I just want things to go back and trying to stay positive and hopeful that it will SOON. Can’t wait for the flower moon to bring harmony.

  18. This pandemic should have fought people how to appreciate the life they had. To practice gratitude everyday. That being said. I can’t wait to hug and kiss my loved ones! 🙂

  19. This pandemic should have already taught us what matters in life. Also, that there were a lot of things that we have been taking for granted and have been complaining about in the past. Hope all of us will come out better people out of this.

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