Editorial N.3/2020

The taste of Loneliness

This is how in these days of forced solitude we find ourselves experiencing it like a bitter tonic or a poison that makes us bang our heads against the wall. But seen from the right perspective it can also turn into an intoxicating wine that inspires us to freedom.
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Globalization or Sovereignty?

It’s the eternal struggle of ideologies that in this period of history appears more alive than ever. It’s therefore wrong to rediscover ourselves sovereigns? Patriotic? United under the same flag? With the same values?
After all, never as today is it clear that globalization has failed. The idea of a united, cohesive world… never existed. It was just a chimera that proved itself for what it’s: an egoistic survival value.
Of course there have been exceptions, thank goodness, but in Europe as in life friends. The real ones. They see each other in times of need and we have awakened with a mere truth: we don’t have any.
Giving is important. Turning the other cheek is Christian. But you also need to understand when to stop. When the line between generosity and foolishness becomes so thin that our doing good actually becomes the blade that hurts us.

I don’t believe in People but in every Man

It’s the title of a song that I love in particular and that now more than ever I believe exactly reflects the situation we are experiencing. In this sparkling period, however, we must not lose hope and believe that as spring is awakening nature, the same will happen to us.
Life will become luxuriant again, unlimited fertility and active production.
The Pink Moon invites us to open up to the world, to love, to life; to be happy, to enjoy our existence.
Everything that has weighed us down, lazy and gray is ready to go away. Now it’s up to us to react and embrace the change.


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23 thoughts on “Editorial N.3/2020

  1. This is a the first time many of us have had to deal with something of this magnitude. My thought has been to focus on the positives which have been that I have had more time to spend with my kids and husband. I never really realized how much time went by each day that we were not engaging due to life. This has really slowed things down for all of us and I couldn’t be more thankful

  2. Thank you so much for the informative post! I live outside of NYC and it is crazy here so yes…. this is a crazy time we are living in. I live with my in-laws and am doing everything I can to keep form bringing anything home to them. God Bless and everyone take care during these trying times 🙂

  3. I hope you are well while in quarantine, a lot are probably bored already but me I’m ok with it even if the extension will push through. I’m working on my errands and unfinished projects.

  4. I have been under a lockdown for 3 weeks today. The Government is talking about extending it with two more weeks, until the end of April, which means that in total we will have 6 weeks of staying indoors, without being allowed to go out for walks or sports either. It’s hard…

  5. I’m truly hoping that we, as a global nation, come together during this crisis. As an American, I can say I DO NOT AT ALL — NOT EVEN 1% — agree with our president. But I know that most Americans don’t agree with him. We are empathetic people. We want the same as others.

  6. Bad times do not stay forever. This will pass soon. This is the time to be grateful for whatever we have. Better to stay indoors and live than to go out and possibly die of the virus. It kills people of all ages, health or unhealthy. We, humans, have defeated a lot of diseases in the past and we can defeat this one too!

  7. Each day feelings change so many times…sometimes I am grateful for the extra time and sometimes bored out of my mind! Plenty of things to do, just not always motivated to do them. And that’s ok with me.

  8. I am positive and hopeful this will end soon. But last night I have my first zoom meeting with all my sisters (there are 7 of us ) and my mom since we have been in “shelter in place” and it really hit me hard since. The best thing is to stay home to help flatten the curve.

  9. Times are hard, but eventually we will get through. Here the cases are on a rise again. Its the poor people and the voiceless who are suffering the most. I am fostering 14 dogs of my locality…but what about those who are not in my locality and are not getting any food?

  10. We are experiencing a serious pandemic. Staying home is our best weapon. If everybody in the world stay home all at the same time for one month, the virus will be gone. Sadly some have to work. Some want freedom, and some of the strong healthy people do not care.

  11. This period is a good time for introspection. If we are to look within, we are not really locked up or quarantined, if only we know how to look futher, we can experience what real freedom is.

  12. Many countries were not prepared and think the pandemic issue is very simple and now look what it’s done to many people. I really hope it will end soon and we’ll get through with this.

  13. This is a very strange world that we currently find ourselves in. But I also think that it has helped that we are a globalized community because we were able to get the word around very quickly than in the past. I don’t know how all of this will play out, but I am sure it will be better than the Spanish flu epidemic from a century ago and the yellow fever, smallpox, and bubonic plagues of previous centuries. Those dragged on for years because they didn’t have the medical knowledge we have today or the means to communicate across the world quickly.

  14. We are under a state wide stay at home order. I’m thankful I have my family with me, or it would be very lonely

  15. I have a love/hate relationship with the lockdown. I was already a stay at home mom with my boys but now that my husband is working from home, our days are a little different. The thing that worries me is going grocery shopping. We used to go as a family, but now it is just me that goes. Even then I am so nervous that I have come in contact with the virus. Just need to be alert and take caution when going out. Pray everyone stays safe and healthy.

  16. The lockdown in the whole world has surely affected a lot of people overall in many different ways. I hope this ends soon and people get back to their normal life with full hope and confidence back in them.
    I would urge all to stay safe and take care. Thank you for sharing this piece of article.

  17. We are currently on enhanced quarantine right now, and praying that we don’t need a lockdown. I am more hopeful than fearful though. And I cannot wait for the day that we can all go back out of our homes safely again.

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