Editorial N.2/2020

High or low tide?

The Moon has the extraordinary ability to influence the terrestrial tides. Which like the life of each of us, is characterized by moments of high and low tide.
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Esbat touch

This is how the Esbats are celebrated every 28 days. At each Full Moon, being influenced by the energies and vibrations that it emanates.
Between esotericism and femininity, the celebration of life is staged.

Fate or randomness?

Speaking of Full Moon, I can’t avoid talking about a new project that starts and does it in conjunction with a very important date for me: my birthday.
As if it were a sign of destiny, when I decided to follow my newsletter I said to myself “we start with the first Full Moon in March”. Not even on purpose did I find out that it was on the day of my birth.
I believe in coincidences, or rather I believe in serendipity. In those bread crumbs that fate leaves us to show us a way that perhaps we would never have considered walking or simply to guide us where we are going without even realizing it.

Die to be born again

The Worm Moon is dedicated to spirituality. To that inner, but also external cleaning of the spaces, to welcome the new. It’s time for sowing and rebirth.
It’s singular that I was born in a month whose energies are devoted to this, because actually if I look at my life it has been characterized by a continuous “dying” and “reborn” in the face of bonds, projects and desires.
For a long time this scared me, it almost made me believe I was incapable for this to create something solid. Growing up, however, brings advice and here I understand that what I have always considered a weakness is instead my greatest strength, I just had to understand how to exploit it.


This is how it starts in 5 days. The newsletter will finally be inaugurated and those who register will find exclusive content that cannot be found on the platform.
Inside you will find so much magic and introspection. Exclusive content for members like:
downloadable freebies
monthly service totally free of charge
discounts for original purchases
monthly giveaway
This month’s collaboration is with “GreenerPasturesStore” by Virginia Diakakis. A Greek artist who studied Graphics and Interior design in Greece and stage design in the Fine Arts in Florence Academy.
With the use of deceptively innocent words and targeted color palettes represents human and family situations through a bitter-sweet filter.
Balanced between the innocence of childhood and a dark fairy tale, her illustrations provoke puzzles but also amuse their spectators.

A sneak peak of her works? Click here!

Photos © Virginia Diakakis

34 thoughts on “Editorial N.2/2020

  1. Full moons are no joke. I used to work with delinquent juveniles, and when there was a full moon, there was always heightened emotions with the kids and the staff. Super interesting article.

  2. Love this! Life is most definitely full of high and low points. I think it’s crazy how much nature and the human body are in tune! Best of luck with your newsletter, it’s going to be great!

  3. I have seen people be strongly affected by the moon cycles, but have never really thought how it personally affects me. Perhaps I need to become a little more self-aware… Good luck with your newsletter launch!!

  4. I did not know about the effect of moon phases on our day to day living. All I know it that it affects the tides. This was a really interesting read today.

  5. I’m always curious about the cycle of birth, life, death, and re-birth. Whether it comes to an idea, a project, or anything else. It always fascinates me. Hope your project goes well.

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