New Year, New Projects

The time has come to dare. To get out of my comfort zone and create what I have always dreamed of. To give meaning to the name that I chose almost 3 years ago. Ready to discover the new The Black Witch?
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What is The Black Witch?

A person. A blog. A project. It’s the essence of my creativity and passion.
Magic is transformation and for this reason it’s the most powerful weapon in our possession to find new meanings to our routine. Like black, it’s the sum of all colors and therefore of all the nuances that form our life.


It’s the word that, a bit like a compass, guided me in this process giving meaning to my goals and making me understand how to achieve them.
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be able to read a magazine full of feasible shopping ideas, achievable travel plans or applicable advice? A place that can truly provide a meeting point for all those women who aren’t looking for unachievable dreams, but an accessible and not monotonous reality.
A platform that unites and offers the professionalism of a magazine with the confidentiality of a blog.

New contents, new appointments

To welcome you on the homepage you will always find the Summary that will guide you between the appointments of the month and the proposed sections, some completely new.
The editorial, every first Wednesday of the month, which will show you the news coming or very simply will allow me to compare you on opinions, requests and comments that I always invite you to leave me.
The Interviews, every last Friday of the month, which will tell the multitude of shades of colors that world is made through the vision and voice of some of its most peculiar protagonists.

Shades of Moon

But it doesn’t end here! On March 9, my birthday, The Black Witch newsletter will also debut “Shades of Moon”. You will receive it every Full Moon and inside you will find inspirations related to the energy of the same also through an ad hoc reading of the tarot that I will offer only to members. And then advances, discounts and much more. However the full moons of a year are 13, well on the occasion of the Blue Moon the email you will receive will be different. A surprise. What are you waiting for? Sign up!

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