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Eco-Beauty with the Garnier+Pixi Lines

Spring, a time of blooms and awakening of the colors and scents of nature. Taking the leap of having just entered this wonderful season, I take the opportunity to start a journey through it to discover some of its ingredients and the beneficial use they make. In detail, I chose to focus on the two most innovative and natural lines of the moment, a real surprise coming from a commercial brand like Garnier. And in detail I refer to “Garnier Bio” and “Garnier Fructis Hairfood” Pixi Beauty.
Start a skincare routine beneficial to your specific skin type, issues and need. So let’s start this full-immersion also thanks to the constant and careful partnership with Notino which offers always the best products at the best price!
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With purple flowers and an enveloping scent, it has always been the quintessential symbol of Provence.
In cosmetics it’s mainly used for its astringent and purifying properties, not for nothing it’s often used for those with oily skin and scalp.
Its decoction and hydrosol are very useful for calming skin irritations, especially if they are due to hair removal, dermatitis or sun exposure.
In detail, the face oil “Bio Lavandin” is enriched with vitamin E which brightens the skin, ensuring deep hydration. Excellent because it’s absorbed quickly and helps to restore the resistance of the skin as well as regenerate it. Its use is recommended before make-up, to replace the day cream, especially towards the summer when the sun’s rays are more aggressive.

Argan Oil

For the uninitiated, the Argan tree grows mainly in the arid areas of Morocco and it’s from its fruits that the famous oil is extracted. It contains more than 75% unsaturated fatty acids, as well as being rich in Vitamin E.
In face creams it’s used for its protective and nourishing properties, as well as for its firming and emollient action.
Effective on chapped skin, it protects it from atmospheric aggressions. It’s indicated for dry and dehydrated skin, as well as for mature skin.
The face day cream “Bio Argan” it guarantees intense hydration for 48 hours and gives a calming and refreshing sensation. Inside this product there is also aloe vera extract, all for an elastic and soft skin to the touch.

Photo by ©Nico Wijaya


This fruit isn’t only good to eat, but also to be used for the beauty of skin and hair.
Although suitable for all skin types, it has the ability to reduce redness in sensitive or acne-prone skin. In fact, it’s enough to blend its pulp, without seeds, to obtain a classic and natural face tonic.
For hair, on the other hand, watermelon is particularly recommended for those who have dry and damaged hair, as it is a tonic. In fact, the seeds, rich in Omega 6 and 9, give hydration.
“Watermelon Hair Food” is the latest addition to one of the greener lines, with over 90% natural ingredients, and eco-friendly on the market. Shampoo and conditioner they don’t contain silicones, are vegan and deeply cleanse the hair, leaving it shiny and regenerated.

Photo by ©Marina Khrapova


This flower arises spontaneously in all temperate climate zones. Rich in vitamin A and phytoestrogens, it’s used as much in herbal medicine as in cosmetics.
In the second case it has an excellent lightening effect, smoothes and tones the skin. It protects against free radicals and UVA rays and prevents wrinkles.
Based on this plant there is the new and effective triptych for body care by Pixi Beauty. A cuddle in three steps: clean, exfoliates and hydrates. Result? A soft and silky skin like the petals of a rose! Without forgetting that the whole line is paraben and cruelty free.

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