I could have chosen the phrase “Dress Like a Queen” as the name of the article, but the name Regina isn’t accidental! Regina Mills is in fact the identity that the famous Evil Queen of “Once Upon A Time” acquires in the world true. Mayor of Storybrooke, an upright woman and an apprehensive mother, has perhaps the most fascinating and beautiful path of the entire TV series. It’s precisely inspired by her elegant but dark looks that today I will propose two outfits inspired by her!
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Eco-Leather or Faux Leather?

Starting from the assumption that the two outfits have elements in “leather” in common, I decided to start with a discussion about the difference between eco-leather and faux leather, certainly a concept still unclear a bit for all.
The eco-leather is leather of animal origin tanned with low environmental impact methods, while the classic leather is tanned with chemical products. It doesn’t have a uniform color, it’s extremely soft and lasts a long time.
The faux leather isn’t of animal origin, but industrial and is obtained from a cotton or synthetic fiber cloth over which a film of plastic material is passed. The typical roughness of the leather is imprinted on it. Over time it tends to flake off, it’s definitely less soft, but it’s easy to clean as well as being resistant to water, light and heat.

Brandon Maxwell
/ Biker “Piazza Italia” / Skirt “H&M” / Boots “Amazon”

Regina Mills

Identity that she assumes after the spell, the same one that brings all the characters of fairy tales into reality. Storybrooke is the town in Maine where Regina keeps them “locked up”. Here she is the mayor and revels in her being the only one to remember, in doing so she holds them all in her hand. People who, according to her, have always and only made her suffer and who don’t deserve any happy ending, not having had one herself.
Filled with resentment, anger and resentment, she let darkness dwell in her broken heart. Manipulative and determined, “evil” is certainly the term that best describes her. However, behind this facade there is a much more complex character and a tactful psychology that with the passing of the seasons finds the key to the problem, dissolving it between twists and unexpected evolutions.

Alberta Ferretti
/ Biker Pants “H&M” / Sweater “Robe di Kappa” / Coat “Kiabi” / Sneakers “All Star”

Alberta Ferretti & Brandon Maxwell

In the pant version the leather element are exactly the same. Despite their aggressive look, in this outfit they actually take on a certain tone of elegance also thanks and above all to the sobriety of Alberta Ferretti who inspired me.
The second idea has the jacket as a focal point of leather and does it with the classic rock biker that normally matches in a different way than I did. With jeans or anyway in a decidedly more rebel look, here instead it’s almost tinged with soft notes for a casual, but gentle look like that proposed by Brandon Maxwell .
In both cases I wanted to keep faith with Regina Mills and her appearance, yes, always and in any case distinct, but with those small details that suggest her decisive and impetuous character.